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Meditations in an Emergency

Posted by Christopher Moltisanti on August 16, 2009

We’re a mere 8+ hours away from the season 3 premiere, so why not refresh with the season 2 finale, found here on AMC’s site? Cast against the tension and upheaval of the Cuban Missile Crisis, this episode is all about the women, the wanderers of “Babylon,” amassing their metaphoric “weapons” to take on the entrenched power, the men. In the end, though, Bets decides not to tell Don about her affair (though she toys with the idea), and they choose an uncomfortable peace over mutually assured destruction.

We all know it’s not a lasting peace. The subtle changes rippling through the entire series finally burst through in the season 2 finale. Season 3, set in 1963, will bring even more upheaval–social as well as political. As the tagline says, the world’s gone mad.

So, put on your suits and get your scotch ready. Much more “Mad Men” coming tonight after the premiere…


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