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Hold Your Breath, Cleveland

Posted by Christopher Moltisanti on August 18, 2009

Your new center, your ticket to the Finals, is about to play football with Ben Roethlisberger, tennis with Serena Williams, box with Oscar De La Hoya and play beach volleyball (??) in a new reality show on ABC, aptly titled, “Shaq Vs.”

I love this guy. He owns Kobe, he’s a cop, he’s Shazaam and he tweets at halftime. When he retires, we’re guaranteed nightly priceless appearances on Inside the NBA and Gamenight with Ahmad Rashad where he, Sir Charles and Gary Payton yell incomprehensibly until Kenny Smith’s head explodes.


What’s the best matchup? In terms of entertainment value and in terms of actual competition. I think Shaq could actually win at whatever version of football he and Ben are playing tonight. In terms of entertainment, though, the boxing match is going to be up there with Manute Bol and “The Fridge” on Fox’s Celebrity Boxing.


2 Responses to “Hold Your Breath, Cleveland”

  1. Phil Mickelson said

    Ice skating w/ Nancy Kerrigan. Total domination.

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