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The Official Game of the Blog

Posted by Mr. Feeny on August 19, 2009

I’m not sure if I have the power to name “Official Anythings” of the Blog, but I’m doing it anyway. Appropriately enough today, I received TV Scene It as a birthday gift. There is no better present to give anyone who might frequent this blog.

It’s the DVD version. So you’ve got 200+ video clips from TV shows. Tons of puzzle games, including “guess this theme song” and “identify this yearbook photo.” And 1200 trivia questions. Could there be anything more entertaining?

I’ve played this game before. Sadly, I’ve never played twice with anyone. Whenever I play it, people either quit midway through or vow “never again.” See, this game does a fabulous job of mixing eras. 50s, 60s…2000s. It’s all the same. It also perfectly mixes easy (“I Love Lucy,” “ER”) with more difficult ones (“Silver Spoons,” “Moonlighting”). So you have to have a wide range of knowledge…or be playing with others who don’t.

Of course, I’m obsessed with TV and obsessed with games. So it’s a perfect combination. Here’s an example. It’s a fill-in the letters game for a TV Show. The letters slowly reveal themselves and you guess. My best friend gave up when I got this answer without any letters. Can you?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ 

_ _ _ _ _ _

Perhaps if I find someone to play with, I can throw some trivia questions into the blog. But…it’s not likely.


4 Responses to “The Official Game of the Blog”

  1. Blu said


  2. CJ Cregg said

    Wow. I am shamed. I Don’t even know what that is.

  3. Mr. Feeny said

    Scott Baio. “Chachi” from Happy Days.

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