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Making it Work on the Daily Show

Posted by CJ Cregg on August 20, 2009

Tim Gunn stopped by the Daily Show last night to preview the new season of Project Runway starting tonight at 9 PM on Lifetime.  His performance on the Daily Show reminded me why Bravo’s Project Runway replacement, the Fashion Show, never got the same kind of viewership.  Tim Gunn’s heart and nurturance are a big part of what makes Project Runway so successful.  (Isaac Mizrahi was the Tim Gunn replacement on the Fashion Show and at times was overly brutal and mean-spirited IMHO.)  Gunn even described Project Runway as a “feel good show at heart.”  In the interview, Gunn remarks on Project Runway‘s new location in LA (I for one am going to miss New York and think it’s a much better locale for a show about FASHION) and new set.

tim gunnAlso discussed was Tim Gunn’s new role as a Marvel Superhero where he will fight crimes against fashion.  More on that here.

Check out the interview.


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