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One Day You’re In-Project Runway (S6:E1)

Posted by CJ Cregg on August 21, 2009

Season six of Project Runway kicked off on Lifetime last night and was everything Project Runway fans imageshave been waiting for.  If it was possible for the cast to get more eclectic, this season it did with perhaps a more diverse set of 16 designers than ever before.  (For example, have there ever been two designers from MINNESOTA before?  Has there ever been one designer from Minnesota before?)  The cast also featured the necessary crazy person with Ari Fish who decided not to sketch a design for the challenge and instead meditated on how the fabric would speak to her.  (Anyone remember Angela from a few seasons ago?  Yah.  Like that.)

The first challenge for our plucky designers asked them to create an innovative look for the red carpet.  A rather tame challenge for the first one, if you ask me, as usually designers have to work with stranger materials.  Nonetheless, I thought it was a good showing demonstrating the extensive amount of talent in this pool of designers.  There won’t be any spoilers in this post, but if you missed the episode, head here for bios and pictures.  The runway show was a treat with so many designs, although special guest judge Lindsey Lohan did not seem to bring extensive fashion knowledge to the runway show.  I do feel, however, that the judges got it right.  One struggling designer was given a deserved second chance and the right person was sent home.  I agree with the judges choice of the winning garment, a dress judge Michael Kors called both cute and edgy.  One dress that was in the top three had me a bit miffed, though.  Former meth addict Johnny (who added an early breakdown to this episode’s drama, saved only by a nurturing Tim Gunn) designed a dress that the judges seem quite taken with, but to me looked like a red silk sack.  To see all the designs, head here.

Overall, a good, if tame, first challenge and lots of talent among these designers promises a great season.  I also enjoyed the return of familiar faces like Heidi Klum (although what was up with her hair?), Tim Gunn, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia.  Even the switch from New York City to Los Angeles didn’t seem to make much of a difference.  The designers still shopped at Mood Fabrics and their workroom at the Fashion Institute looks much the same.  (I still think they should be in NYC, but I was strangely not consulted when this move was made.  New York is only one of the fashion hubs of the world.)

Here are my season predictions:

Winner of the season: Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman (although I’ll be the first to admit that it’s too soon for me to feel confident in this prediction).  Other promising talent includes Shirin Askari and Christopher Straub.)

Next to be Eliminated: Qristyl Frazier-I question her taste level.  Also, she’s spelling her name wrong.

Most dramatic designer: Johnny Sakalis-Lifetime is going to go crazy with the former meth addiction thing.  And he’s already proved willing to play that up.

Person who is going to drive me crazy: Althea Harper-I can’t put my finger on what about her bothers me.  But she bothers me.

Grade: A

Familiar characters and sticking to what works.  Lifetime can’t lose with this one.

In other news, Lifetime’s follow-up show, Models of the Runway, where they follow the models who wear the designs down the runway, is a total snooze.  Skip it.


3 Responses to “One Day You’re In-Project Runway (S6:E1)”

  1. Andrea said

    I disagree, I thought Johnnys dress was gorgeous and I even disagreed with the judges arguments with the color. I liked it in red.

    I was kind of sad to see that the part of the show where the judged picked their models was relegated to the lame model show. I liked that part of Runway but want to skip the model show on a weekly basis.

  2. Katie said

    I was smitten with Johnny’s dress from the waist up. If only he had worked to make the skirt less of a DIAPER it might have been a stunning dress.

    I predict Mr. McSlowPantsMadeaNightGown will be the next to go. Though the previews might be trying to throw us off with that one.

  3. […] 9) Project Runway-While I certainly don’t consider myself a fashionista (I tend to wear what JCrew and Banana Republic tell me to wear), it’s fun to watch other people’s creative minds at work.  Heidi Klum’s accent makes her criticisms so much more entertaining, and Michael Kors’s brutal honesty can be shocking.  Read my ruminations on the current season here. […]

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