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List: CJ’s Favorite Shows

Posted by CJ Cregg on August 24, 2009

I like making lists.  A lot.  But I think this list is an important one for you, readers, to get to know us, the bloggers.  Knowing what we’ve liked in the past may provide clues to which one of us has similar TV tastes to your own.  Thus, I present the next in our series of lists.  This one comes in two parts: my favorite shows currently on the air (with new episodes or seasons in the works), and my favorite all-time shows.  From 1 (the best) to 10 (the still awesome, but not my absolute fave).  Mr. Feeny and Moltisanti will post theirs in due time as well.

Top 10 Shows Currently on the Air

1) How I Met your Mother-I think this show is fantastic.  It’s clever and it’s funny.  Tagged as a love story in reverse, the show follows the main character Ted’s bedtime-ish story to his children about how he met their mother.  Of course, he had to search long and hard for Mrs. Right and four seasons in, loyal viewers have no idea who she is.  She’s not Robin the Canadian, but that’s about all we know.  Add loyal and quirky friends Lily, Marshal, and my personal fave, Barney (played by the fantastic Neil Patrick Harris), and HIMYMthis show is a winner.  The writers manage to weave in minute details from episodes in earlier seasons that makes every episode a surprise.  For example, remember the many appearances of Ranjit, the limo driver?  What about the continual search for an explanation for the goat in the bathroom on Ted’s birthday?  Slapsgiving?  Look for a new season on CBS starting Monday, September 21.  (For those interested, I think my favorite episode is “Intervention” from season 4.  “The Naked Man”-also season 4 is a close second.)

2) Brothers and Sisters-All around, a really well-done family drama.  I’ve described this show as the OC (remember that one, guys?) for adults.  It has cheating spouses, illegitimate children, a family business, politics, and Rob Lowe.  I do love Rob Lowe.  Stellar performances from Sally Field as the family matriarch and Calista Flockhart as a struggling daughter make this show great.  I’m excited for season 4 to premiere this fall on ABC.

fridaynightlights3) Friday Night Lights-I will admit that the first season of this high school sports drama was far and away the best, but as we face down season 4, I think the show still has a lot of potential despite the scattering of the main characters to college.  Kyle Chandler is stellar as Coach Eric Taylor, and I love Taylor Kitsch as a gritty (and seriously attractive) football player.  Northwestern Alum Zach Gilford also plays earnest and real former-QB 1 Matt Seracen.  As long as football remains central to this show, I think it will continue to impress.  Check out a new season on DirecTV this fall.  That season will air on NBC this winter.

4) Greek-Perhaps this show resonates with me a member of a sorority during my college days, but this one never fails to entertain.  Maybe more worthy as a guilty pleasure than anything else, attractive coeds negotiate the ups and downs of Greek life at Cypress Rhodes University.  Shockingly risque for ABC Family, Greek does not shy away from showing underage drinking and other aspects of college life.  While it at times has that ABC Family kitsch, it is an all around fun show.  Check out a new season premiering August 31.

5) Project Runway-Now on Lifetime and set in LA, a tried and true formula of over-the-top drama and creativity, as well as top names like Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, and Michael Kors for judging make this show a perpetual winner.  A new season has just gotten underway.  Check out my season predictions here.

6) Wipeout-This is a little known gem.  Really just a summer filler show on ABC, I have been watching it all summer, and it certainly appeals to my sadistic impulses.  The show consists of contestants navigating a foam-filled obstacle course and of course, tons of wipeouts.  Contestants must clear the qualifying obstacle course with one of the fastest times to move on to compete in the ultimate obstacle course, the Wipeout zone, and the chance to take home some cash.  Who doesn’t love watching people faceplant and fall into water?  The show is perhaps most famous for its Big Balls.  Rather than try to explain them, I give you this:

The summer season is just about to wrap up, but you can catch the last few episodes on ABC on Wednesday nights.

7) Top Chef-As I’ve said before, when Bravo sticks to its original competition reality shows, the drama and skill level are pretty incredible.  Padma and Tom Colicchio are a great team as well.  For my thoughts on the newest season, head here.

8 ) America’s Next Top Model-Definitely the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures.  I picked up a love for this cw-antm-cycle9-prt-tyra-01_006985-857eeb-283x399show while living in the sorority house and have not yet managed to shake it.  Host Tyra Banks is so fabulously crazy and full of herself and the drama reaches cat-fight pitch almost every episode.  The class and restraint that tends to characterize Bravo’s reality shows is without a doubt absent here.  Plus, I love looking at the outfits and makeup in the photo shoots.  A new cycle kicks off September 9 on the CW.  Now that I’ve admitted I watch this show, I probably don’t have any TV blogging credibility left, huh?

9) Lost-So, I’ve lost a little faith in Lost after the past few seasons, but I’m approaching the new season with an open mind.  I long for the show to reclaim the intense mystery and surprise and maintain a focus on characters and relationships that was so characteristic of season 1.  This show is addicting, if for no other reason than it’s so confusing that you have to watch the next episode to see if you can make sense of what was happening in the previous episode.  While the massive amounts of time travel last season turned me off through crippling confusion, the show went back to its tried and true characters enough to keep me watching.  According to, the final season begins early 2010.  I am, admittedly, a little relieved that this will be the last season.  I just hope that ABC wraps it up as strongly as they started it.

10) The Colbert Report/The Daily Show-I admit that this is a bit of a copout.  These aren’t serial dramas or reality shows like my previous selections.  Truth be told, though, I couldn’t think of another show currently on the air that I just can’t live without.  And considering I watch both of these shows almost every night, I think they deserve to be on the list.  (I also realize that I’m cheating by grouping them together, but since pretty much everybody that watches one watches the other, I feel somewhat fair in doing so.)  Stewart and Colbert have fantastic comedic timing and in all seriousness, the “news” is so laughable so much of the time that they never lack material.  I think that’s pretty much all I need to say here.  (If you pressed me, I think I would have to admit that I like Colbert a little more than Stewart.  That may just be the wildcat bias coming out, though.  Or the soft spot I have in my heart for conservatives.)

Top 10 Shows Ever

Coming soon…

Check back later this week as I detail my favorite shows ever.  That’s right, EVER!


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