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A Surprising Elimination: Project Runway (S6: E2)

Posted by CJ Cregg on August 27, 2009

Quite an interesting challenge for the designers this week.  (Although my friends and I totally predicted that they would be designing for a pregnant woman last week during the previews when Heidi said the celebrity had a big surprise for them.)  They were charged with the task of creating a chic look for the pregnant Rebecca Romijn.  Designers strapped stuffed baby bumps on to their dress forms and models to do their fittings and runway show.

At this point, I still find there to be too many designers to really keep track of, and I saw some faces tonight that I don’t even remember seeing on last week’s season premiere.  (Louise Black?  Who?)  Also at this point in the competition, there are so many designers that one really just has to avoid majorly screwing up to get through elimination.  There were some ugly designs this week and last week that scraped through.

I won’t spoil it for you, but I agree with the judges wholeheartedly.  The winning design was wearable and appropriate for a pregnant star.  It was also well executed and absolutely gorgeous.  I would wear it, pregnant or not.  (I’m not pregnant, FYI.)  The eliminated designer had a concept too artsy and not wearable at all.  The elimination was a surprise to me, however, because the other designer in the bottom two had an outfit that was very poorly constructed, and poor construction usually does not stand a chance on the runway.  I’m not sure that this designer deserved a second (third?) chance, but he got one anyway, and I sure hope he turns it around.  I’m just not sure at this point that he’s capable of the high-level and quick sewing that the others have mastered.

I would like to revise my predictions from last week, as I no longer believe that Ra’mon will win the season.  (A shaky design this week makes me question his taste level.)  I still like both Shirin and Christopher’s chances a lot.  A lot more now even.  And isn’t Shirin the cutest girl ever?  Althea still needs to go if you ask me.

Next week, a team challenge!  Ooooh, team challenges bring out the cattiness, and I can’t wait!


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