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New on Wednesdays this Fall (hour-long)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on August 28, 2009

I’m not sure how classify Glee. It’s certainly not a drama. But it’s not a comedy. We could call it a musical dramedy…but it’d be the only one. So “hour-long” it is. No debating that.

Unless you want to quibble about it being 42 minutes long. Let it go.

All four hour-longs Wednesday have very different subject matter on four different networks. And they’re competing with a relatively weak day in other programming. For ABC, Eastwick completes their brand new hump day, while FOX and CW both try to get lead-ins from their reality shows. Meanwhile, NBC will try yet another medical drama. I don’t know how much this will matter, but the 8pm slot will be fought for (among newcomers) between Glee and The Beautiful Life…and they might pull from the same audience. The High School Musical crowd might naturally be attracted to Glee, but Corbin Bleu is in TBL.

The Beautiful Life

Basics: Primetime Soap Opera
Twist: Beautiful people (models) living ugly lives
Stars You Know: Mischa Barton (The O.C.), Elle Macpherson, Corbin Bleu (High School Musical), Sara Paxton (Darcy’s Wild Life)
Creative Team: Producer Ashton Kutcher (Punk’d)
Timeslot: 8:00 (Wed)
Network: CW
Going Against: Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, Glee, The Modern Family, Cougar Town, Top Chef
Premiere: September 16


Basics: Supernatural drama
Twist: Three women unite after some sort of spell is cast on them. Witches of.
Stars You Know: Rebecca Romijn (Ugly Betty), Lindsay Price (Beverly Hills 90210), Ashley Benson (Days of Our Lives), Sara Rue (Less than Perfect), Jon Bernthal (The Class), Jaime Ray Newman (General Hospital)
Creative Team: Relative unknowns
Timeslot: 9:00 (Wed)
Network: ABC
Going Against: CSI: New York, The Jay Leno Show
Premiere: September 23


Basics: Musical dramedy
Twist: High School Musical with more realism and less songs
Stars You Know: Jane Lynch (Two and a Half Men), Jessalyn Gilsig (Boston Public, Heroes), Matthew Morrison (B’Way: Light in the Piazza), Lea Michele (B’Way: Spring Awakening)
Creative Team: Relative unknowns
Timeslot: 8:00 (Wed)
Network: FOX
Going Against: Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, The Beautiful Life, The Modern Family, Cougar Town
Premiere: September 9 (pilot aired in the Spring)


Basics: Medical Drama
Twist: Focus on the nurses
Stars You Know: Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gossip Girl), James Tupper (Men in Trees), Guillermo Diaz (Weeds), James LeGros (Ally McBeal), Delroy Lindo (many movies)
Creative Team: Creator Liz Heldens (producer on Friday Night Lights), Director Adam Bernstein (30 Rock, Oz), Producer Gail Berman (Buffy, Angel), Producer Aaron Harberts (Pushing Daisies)
Timeslot: 7:00 (Wed)
Network: NBC
Going Against: So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Next Top Model, Hank, The Middle, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried
Premiere: September 23


4 Responses to “New on Wednesdays this Fall (hour-long)”

  1. Blu said

    Another medical drama!!!!!
    The only one that might stick around IMHO is Beautiful Life but it is going against a really tough lineup. It might struggle to find an audience.

    Glee? Well it’s….yep…that’s what it is! At least it is original!

  2. CJ Cregg said

    I, for one, am excited about the prospect of Mischa Barton being on TV again. I used to always get told I looked like her when the OC was on the air.

    And I still have mixed feelings about Glee. I watched the premiere last spring for lack of anything better to do, but I didn’t find it as good as all my friends seemed to think it was. We’ll see how it goes this fall.

  3. Malcolm said

    TBL is what you get when you make a show that consists entirely of the photo shoot scenes from GOSSIP GIRL.

    Corbin Bleu is barely in the pilot, but like my previous analysis of MELROSE PLACE, this one will stick around as there is a substantial built in audience and a relevant (sort of) pop soundtrack (MGMT anyone?).

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