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The Day After the World Ends – Greek (S3: E1)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 1, 2009

“The first rule of living like the world is gonna end is making sure it actually ends.”  Dale



You have been warned.

This season kicks off the day after the Kappa Tau End of the World Party.  Turns out, lots of bad decisions were made and the next day, the consequences must be faced.  For starters, Calvin the gay Omega Chi spent the night with Grant his Omega Chi roommate (although they didn’t have sex), Rusty is about to fail out of the honors engineering program for skipping his lab to go to the party, Casey broke up with Max to be with Cappie, Max skipped out of the country, Evan, Omega Chi president, gave up his trust fund, and…AND…the super religious Dale gave up his virginity to his landlord.  As he so wisely observed, “sex changes everything.”

The campus of Cyprus Rhodes University is still reeling from the Kappa Tau party, but as someone once said, Greek life goes on.  So, the Omega Chi fraternity announces that it will host a game of Assassins and throw a gangster party.  Despite tension between the sibling duo Casey and Rusty over Casey breaking up with Max (Rusty’s RA), Casey comes to her brother’s aid to help him break into the laboratory to redo his experiment so he won’t fail out of the engineering program.  When Zeta Beta Zeta sister Rebecca Logan runs into Evan out of cash because he gave up his trust fund, she offers to lend him money in exchange for a favor.  Turns out, she made out with someone at the End of the World party, and she will do anything to prevent her ZBZ sisters from finding out who it was.  Evan pretends to be the guy Rebecca made out with at the party.  (I’m not sure why she cares so much about keeping it a secret, as Rebecca in the past has not been so full of sisterly love so as to care how she treats them.)

Upon learning that Rusty is about to fail out of honors engineering, Kappa Tau president Cappie rushes to his brother’s rescue, only to find out that Casey was already helping him.  There are some contrived scenes of sexual tension between Casey and Cappie in the lab, but nothing comes of it, which should come as no surprise to regular Greek viewers.  Rusty is ultimately able to save his engineering grade, and Cappie takes the fall for being caught for their lab break in.

reb_2The episode ends with a brief flash back to the End of the World Party, where watchers learn that Evan talked Cappie out of going after Casey after he found out she broke up with Max.  Their conversation at the party is pretty lame, but it had to be Evan to keep Cappie away from Casey.  It just had to be Evan.  Although I’m unsure as to what his motive for keeping them apart would be.  Was he just to drunk to realize what he was doing?  Or is Evan harboring feelings for Casey?  Finally, watchers learn who it was that Rebecca made out with that night.  It was Fischer, ZBZ president Ashley’s boyfriend!  I’m not really surprised Fischer turned out to be a cheater, but for those of us who were wondering whether Rebecca was finally about to become a good, likeable character, I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer to see whose side she’s really on.  (She’s always been my favorite character on the show, so I can’t wait to see what else Ms. Logan has in store for us this season!)

Loyal Greek viewers should have experienced a few gasps, and there were some genuine surprises.  That Dale would lose his virginity, and that Evan and Rebecca are now in cahoots, for example.  The episode came off as more raw and mature than the end of the previous season.  For one, there was a lot more swearing, and the alcohol references were much less veiled (not that they were ever that subtle-it is a show about college, after all).  The scene between Dale and Cappie on the stairwell of the Kappa Tau house as Cappie fixes a hole in the wall after a party made me laugh out loud.  (“Maxi Pad skipped the country.”)  I will also give major recognition to Clark Duke (Dale) for a really well-done scene where Dale confesses to Calvin that he lost his virginity.  It was a very real, raw scene.  I love the friendship between Calvin and Dale that emerged at the end of last season.  They’re a great comedic duo.  The gay black guy and the super religious conservative southerner, a recipe for laughs.  Finally, Cappie rushing to Rusty’s defense in the lab made me believe in the power of brotherhood.  Cappie really seems to have, deep down, figured out what fraternities are supposed to be about.

Overall, a GREAT season premiere.  If you went to college and aren’t watching this show, you should be.  And frankly, if Greek keeps following this trajectory, I think it’s going to be a fantastic season.

Grade: A


3 Responses to “The Day After the World Ends – Greek (S3: E1)”

  1. Mr. Feeny said

    I started watching this show yesterday on Hulu since you rave about it. I’m through two episodes…and highly doubt I’ll continue through to the end.

    It’s a finely made show. Actually seems like something that would fit better on the CW since it’s subject matter is definitely not meant for the ABC Family.

    That’s the thing that really turns me off. Maybe it’s because I’m an idealist who would prefer his memories stay intact. But this isn’t the college I knew. Much too stereotyped, much too concerned with booze and sex. I realize I’m isolated, but I can’t believe all that actually occurs. But, I guess our college was also isolated.

    I can handle ridiculous situations in LOST (pure fiction) or 24 because I’m disconnected from it. But having actually been to college, I find Greek to be way off base. And after reading this review of the season premiere, I see things haven’t changed. Decisions still being made that make no sense.

  2. CJ Cregg said

    I don’t think the show rings true about my collegiate experience either. That’s not why I like the show so much. As a member of the Greek community, there are certain aspects of Greek life that Greek comments on or portrays that are accurate (albeit usually a bit exaggerated.) I like the Greek life center to the show because Greek life was such a big part of my collegiate experience. Sex and booze did happen a lot in Greek life (EGADS! NO! You don’t say?) Frankly, I find the characters likeable and funny. That’s why I like the show. But I don’t think it’s corrupting my memories of college. Rather, at times it helps me remember stuff I haven’t thought about in awhile.

    Moreover, as someone who graduated from college and finds my current life much less exciting, I like the dramatics that characterize this show. It allows me to forget about the boringness that is life in Wisconsin.

    But I do agree, Mr. Feeny, that very little of what happens on this show would have taken place at NU.

  3. Katie said

    A note: Grant is Calvin’s Omega Chi roommate, not a Kappa Tau. Which makes it AWKWARD.

    Clark Duke was truly brilliant. And I think Rebecca can’t be TRULY evil anymore or she wouldn’t be trying to cover up her indiscretion. Remember with Casey? “How awkward for you!”

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