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Three Strikes and You’re Out: Project Runway (S6: E3)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 3, 2009

WHAT AN EPISODE!  This was the best episode so far this season.  (Granted the season is young, but this was truly dramatic!)

Abandon this post ye who have not watched the episode.

Still my favorite to win

Still my favorite to win

Designers were paired up to design surf/beachwear.  Team leaders were chosen randomly, and they then had the opportunity to pick their teammates.  There was serious drama among the team of Qristyl and Epperson.  Despite being the team leader, Qristyl felt like Epperson was running all over her.  Another dangerous team was Ra’mon and Mitchell.  Mitchell decided he felt like not working, and actually vocalized the fact that he picked Ra’mon as his partner to carry him (!!!).

But like every good Project Runway episode, this one had a twist.  (Although the twists are so predictable that they’re not really twists anymore.)  Tim announced that the teams also had to create an avant garde look inspired by their beachwear.  This forced teams to rush to finish their looks.

The finished products were quite varied.  There was little this week that actually wowed me.  Now for the drama!  The team of Ra’mon and Mitchell ended up in the top!  Despite their inability to work together (it’s hard to work together when there’s only one person actually working), their hastily finished designs apparently impressed the judges.  I wasn’t wild about their avant garde look, but their beachwear was beautiful.  Qristyl and Epperson landed in the bottom, not surprisingly.  Nonetheless, when push came to shove, Mitchell admitted to the judges that he didn’t do anything.  (I was SHOCKED at his openness with this confession.)  As Heidi stated, “Three strikes and you’re out.”  And he was sent home, saving Qristyl from elimination.  ABOUT TIME, if you ask me.  I was worried that he was going to stick around just for his evil personality and the drama he inevitably created.  Thankfully, the judges saw through his act.

I think Qristyl will be the next to go.  And Shirin and Ra’mon are still my favorites to win.


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