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Dads go Greek: Greek (S3: E2)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 8, 2009

“With my dad, infidelity with hookers is always a conversation topic.” –Rebecca

SPOILER ALERT!  If you haven’t watched the episode yet, don’t read the post.  Watch the episode here first.

The sisters welcome their dads

The sisters welcome their dads

It’s father-daughter weekend at Zeta Beta Zeta sorority.  Before the dads arrive, though, Fischer (who happens to be ZBZ prez Ashley’s boyfriend) confesses to Casey that he made out with Rebecca at the now-infamous End of the World Party.  In an attempt to protect her best friend, Casey decides to keep it a secret from Ashley.  While decorating for the dads’ arrival, however, Rebecca tells Ashley she made out with Fischer because she doesn’t trust Casey not to leak the secret.  (The theme of this episode is clearly trust.  That and sexual innuendo.)  As a result, Rebecca, Casey, and Ashley all end up in a fight.  Her actions here do not help resolve whether she is good or bad.  What was she thinking going for Fischer?  And why would Fischer reciprocate?  I hope these questions get resolved as the episodes continue.

Jordan (Rusty’s ZBZ girlfriend) introduces Rusty to her dad who came for the weekend, and our awkward engineer crashes and burns.  Full of guilt and lust (respectively), Dale and Cappie meet a new Catholic girl, Mary Elise, who talks them into attending mass that night.  I think this shows Cappie up to his old womanizing tricks, although he’s clearly lost his game because Mary Elise isn’t interested after he calls her five times in one night.  Clearly, Cappie isn’t over Casey although this is not news to anyone at this point.

becks and dad

Rebecca and her Dad

At the ZBZ welcome picnic for the dads, a huge catfight erupts between Ashley, Casey, and Rebecca.  (I found this scene way over the top and forced.  And since when is Jordan all of a sudden all into ZBZ?  She was the tomboy on the fence last season and now she has highlights, bangs, and a desire to be involved?  What gives?  Of course, I don’t much care for her character so maybe I’m being overly critical.  The actress (Johanna Braddy) that plays her kind of needs acting lessons if you ask me.)  Rebecca’s dad, the disgraced senator, was insufferable.  Get him off the show!  ASAP!  And frankly, when all the dads stepped in and tried to mediate their daughters’ dispute, it was an epic fail both in terms of watchability and success.  Most of the scenes with the dads were a bit forced, although having dads day was a nice gimmick to introduce some fresh characters.

Several times throughout the episode, Fischer attempted to apologize to Ashley, but she stood firm in her decision to dump him.  She’s clearly very sad, though, and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if we see them get back together in an episode or two.

Rusty and Jordan get caught making out by Jordan’s dad, leaving Rusty nervous about the upcoming Father/Frat Guy flag football game.  In a moment of rage, he tackles Jordan’s dad too roughly, sending him to the hospital with a pulled muscle.  The dad is fine, and Jordan decides it doesn’t matter if her dad doesn’t like Rusty.  Casey apologizes to Ashley at the game for trying to protect her, so they’re friends again.  Ashley remains mad at Rebecca.  (She was kind of slut-tastic at the party, so I think this is a fair choice for Ashley to make.)

After the game, the dads and daughters go to the campus hangout Doblers to have a few beers.  Cappie is there reading Hemingway for his new book club (an attempt to keep himself busy because he isn’t over Casey, I think) and Casey and him talk a bit about the book.  As he gets up to leave, he walks back toward her in a way that honestly made me think he was finally going to ask to get back together.  I actually thought that might be the moment we’ve been waiting for.  But it wasn’t.  He just got up and left.  I’m not really sure how much more of their relationship stuck in neutral the show can sustain.  SOMETHING needs to happen between them very soon to keep this plotline interesting.  Maybe next episode will finally be it?  But probably not.  😉

Not as good as the premiere in my opinion, but entertaining so give it a watch if you’re a Greek fan!


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