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Welcome to Melrose Place: Melrose Place (S1:E1)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 8, 2009


Melrose Place, the CW’s new take on the 90s classic, premiered tonight.  We meet the various characters of the apartment building as they gather around a shocking dead body in a pool.  Turns out the landlord, Sydney (Laura Leighton), was stabbed.  Ella (Katie Cassidy) lies to get David (Shaun Sipos) (who was at Sydney’s place the night of the murder) an alibi, but Ella is clearly hiding something because viewers see a flashback to a tense interaction she had with the landlord.  Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) learns her father has lost his job and will be unable to help her pay for medical school, although on the plus side, she gets a date with one of her patient’s sons.  Jonah (Michael Rady-also known as Max from season 2 of Greek and is really the same character) proposes to his girlfriend Riley (Jessica Lucas), but she hasn’t said yes yet and seems to have doubts.  Sydney was clearly hiding some major stuff, including several affairs before her murder, so plenty of people would have wanted to off her.  Lauren’s hot date offers to pay her for sex and she storms out of the restaurant.  Jonah gets a movie deal because he caught an affair on tape, although he turns it down and Riley eventually says yes to his proposal because to her it demonstrates that he is grown up enough to start a family with her.  Lauren ultimately decides to sleep with the guy for the money.  Auggie (Colin Egglesfield) is burning what looks like evidence–namely bloody clothes–in the episode’s final scene, so clearly he is up to something suspicious.

I didn’t watch Melrose Place when it was on in the 90s, so perhaps people who did would be more compelled by the characters and situations here.  The New York Times review of the premiere was surprisingly non-commital.  I would have thought they would have found not much positive to say about a trashy CW show.  Nonetheless, their verdict is that Melrose Place 2.0 is much better than the first time around–less cheesy it seems. But boy if this is less cheesy than the original, my goodness!  Read the NYT review here.  I won’t keep watching the show because I didn’t find the characters that interesting and it was too soap opera-y even for me.  Which is saying something.  Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean the show won’t do well, but I’m not as optimistic as I was before the premiere.  The show just isn’t that good.  Although I will say that I thought the music was really good.  That’s the silver lining, I guess.

I’ll give it a B-

Check it out, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


6 Responses to “Welcome to Melrose Place: Melrose Place (S1:E1)”

  1. Mr. Feeny said

    Wow. That’s the quickest review EVER. Literally the minute it ended. Well done!

    I actually give it a slightly lower grade. The writing was absolutely horrendous. Predictable responses, acting that left everything to be desired. I like that they brought back some original characters (even if they killed one off in the first five minutes) and some of the plot was creative. But like CJ, there’s no compelling characters to make me keep tuning in.

    • gras said

      what was the music playing when the guy proposed ?
      .. the video that he made her..

    • CJ Cregg said

      I agree that the death in the first 5 minutes piqued my interest a little bit. But the show was unable to sustain that high.

      And sorry, I can’t figure out what the song was during the video he made. It was good though, huh?

  2. Blu said

    Isn’t the CW like the Walmart of TV? You get the lowest common denominator, you get the punchlines, and you get entertainment at rock bottom prices. I freely admit to shopping at Walmart, I even enjoy it but even I have limits. I Live New York was one line I couldn’t cross and the CW is another;)

    • CJ Cregg said

      I like some of the stuff on the CW. I readily admit to watching it. I like America’s Next Top Model and even watched a season of Gossip Girl, but this is one show I couldn’t get into. It was waaaaaay too soap opera-like.

      • Blu said

        It takes all kinds of viewers CJ.
        I’m grateful we live in a day and age in which we can enjoy such niche programming.
        More and more entertainment is being tailored to the individual. The eventual downside to that is that someday everything will have been done before.

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