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A Little Help from Our Friends

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 9, 2009

I wish I could watch every show on television. I really do. Even the bad ones. I just love being fully immersed in fictional plots for an hour at a time. But sadly, I also have a job. And sometimes a social life. So watching every show just isn’t feasible. Ideally, only bad shows would be left off my DVR schedule/Neflix que/Hulu playlist. But some quality programs do fall between the cracks. That’s one of the great things about our blog. Three different television styles, interests, lists of shows. But even then, we miss some.

Luckily we have friends and critics and bloggers (sometimes all in one) who pick up the slack. The second season of Sons of Anarchy began last night. Despite FX’s stellar track record (The Shield, Rescue Me, the first season of Damages), I never bothered to tune into Sons of Anarchy last year. A drama exclusively about a motorycle gang? That’s pretty much the last thing I would think about watching. I have no connection to that world at all.

But one of our regular readers/commenters, Blu, notes that Sons of Anarchy is more than just a show about a bike gang. It encapsulates the common television theme of good and evil living side by side inside a person. So many quality cabium shows revolve around tragic heroes, a tried and true method of century-old literature. Sons of Anarchy does the same, but with a twist. While most shows present an honorable life concealing an underlying evil, this program tries to bring humanity to a group commonly thought of as villains. Ala The Sopranos, which Blu uses as a parallel.

Maybe I should give Sons of Anarchy a chance. I mean, as it is I watch shows that don’t directly apply to me. I’m not a lawyer or a firefighter or a secret agent or a vampire slayer or a serial killer.  Yet I’m able to get invested in their world because of the characters and writing. Based on Blu’s review, it seems like Sons of Anarchy thrives on that.

Anyone else watch? Can a story be good enough to look beyond the premise?


2 Responses to “A Little Help from Our Friends”

  1. Blu said

    After thinking about it, The Sopranos had maybe three great seasons and the rest were mediocre at best. It was mostly due to bad storytelling. The Shield was far more consistent in the quality of storytelling over it’s run than Sopranos which started strong and finished strong but disappointed in the middle.

  2. Sons of Anarchy is probably my favorite show in a long time. The dynamic between each and every actor is so fluid that it would seem like they’ve all known each other for years. Katey Sagal is exceptional in her role as the President of the SOA MC’s “Old Lady.” The drama is highly intense and the end of every episode thus far (season 1 and 2) has been a mini-cliff hanger. They always leave you wanting more, bringing my anticipation for the proceeding week’s episode to all time highs.

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