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France comes to Vegas: Top Chef (S6: E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 9, 2009

The first three chefs to go home were all women. Step up your game, ladies.  Although I think Jennifer is making sure the women don’t completely embarrass themselves.  She had another strong showing today.

For this high stakes quickfire, the winner was awarded immunity and the loser would be eliminated.  The cheftestants were assigned to cook snails for famous French chef, Daniel Boulud.  Jesse made an ELT.  She forgot the bacon, I think.  Anyone else notice that any chef that uses bacon always ends up in the top?  Just goes to show that bacon is the best thing ever.  Kevin’s snail and bacon dish won and gave him immunity.  The bottom three (including Jesse, shocking, I know) were given 20 minutes to make another dish and participate in a cook off.  The bottom three were once again, all women.  And all women I would have been happy to see eliminated.  Jesse’s dish was not up to par, and she was FINALLY sent home.  (WOOOOOOOOOOOO!)

For the elimination challenge, the chefs each drew a knife with either a classic French protein or a French sauce.  They were asked to pair up and prepare a 6 course meal for distinguished chefs of French cuisine.  Kevin, the winner of the quickfire, was granted immunity and allowed to eat with the judges instead of cooking.  Mattin seemed to have a huge advantage here being a French chef, but did not live up to it.  Tensions were high and the cheftestants were very nervous as their time ticked down.  Brian came out on top and won a week little internship thingy with one of the chef judges.  Jennifer and Mike I. were also in the top, so not too many surprises there.  The good chefs have really managed to stand out this season.  The bottom teams were also not a surprise.  We saw them struggle to work together.  Although I was surprised that frenchman Mattin ended up in the bottom for a French food challenge.  His partner was Ashley, though, so perhaps that’s why.  (But too much bacon in the dish?  How is that possible?!)  I really thought the judges were going to send Ashley home, but they eliminated Hector, someone we barely even got to know.  (Finally a man though, eh?)

Ashley has to be the next to go.  Or Robin.  Or Eve.  Why couldn’t Bravo find some women that could cook?


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