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Idol bringing in the laughs

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 9, 2009

And no longer just at pitiful contestants.

Breaking news!

Talk show host and much-loved comedian Ellen DeGeneres has officially signed on as the permanent fourth judge of American Idol moving forward. She replace Paula Abdul, who left after 8 years with the show. During the audition shows, guest judges have been used, like Shania Twain and Kristin Chenoweth. But once the Hollywood round begins, it’ll be Ellen’s show.

I personally would have preferred they go back to three judges. I started watching last season and thought four judges was just too much. Too many opinions and people talking [read: saying the same thing over and over]. They didn’t need a fourth, but they wanted to make a high-profile move.

In that case, Ellen’s a great pick. And should have just out-and-out replaced Kara Dioguardi. She’s a self-serving debutante who really doesn’t seem to understand what her role is as a judge. While Ellen’s a long-time fan and a comedian. She’ll be fantastic. She doesn’t have the technical knowledge, but neither does Randy (beyond people sounding pitchy) or Kara (who got half the things she said wrong). So instead viewers have “one of their own” up their judging. I think Ellen will fill the “nice” role well to boot. And yes, she will continue to do her talk show.

This should definitely make American Idol more watchable, a great move in their ninth season at a time where they risked a dip with Paula and after Kris Allen.

Parting question: How many episodes will Ellen get up and dance on? Over/under 5.


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