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Role Reversal: Project Runway (S6: E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 10, 2009

It was her night tonight

It was her night tonight

In this challenge, designers were charged with designing an outfit for their models to wear at a fashion event.  When roles were reversed, designers questioned their models’ taste levels and there was a lot of anxiety.  There was not a lot tonight that I found really strikingly beautiful.  Lots of boring went down the runway.

Althea’s 3 piece suit was a winner with the judges, although frankly I found it messy and unattractive.  I guess that goes to show how much I know about fashion.  Althea’s model’s boobs were also flapping all over the runway, which turned me off.  (But surprisingly did not get Heidi’s attention.  Is it just me or is Heidi always talking about boobs?)  Epperson’s deconstructed brown dress also earned rave reviews, but I was not blown away by it.  I also found Carol Hannah’s design dated and boring, although the judges liked it.  Qristyl’s black cocktail dress was a snooze and she was sent home.  Logan’s 80s-tastic dress just barely earned him the right to stay.  I was surprised by Althea’s win tonight, but it demonstrates a broader range of talent among the designers than perhaps even I realized.

Next person to go? Johnny Sakalis.  His sob story is not going to save his boring designs.


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