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Going the Extra (Naked) Mile: Greek (S3: E3)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 15, 2009


Casey and Cappie before the main event

“Kill her and then have sex with her.  It’s the Kappa Tau way.”  –Cappie

SPOILERS AHEAD!  Watch the episode on hulu if you haven’t done so yet!

Cypress Rhodes continues to play the game Gotcha and the campus gears up for the annual “Undie Run.”  (People who have been watching the show since season 1….wasn’t it the naked mile before?  Is this ABC Family trying to tame down college as the show progresses?  Same thing happened with the OC, if you ask me.  As the seasons went on, it lost its grittiness that made it attractive in the first place.  I could be wrong though.)  Casey, feeling bored with her job as Zeta Beta pledge educator, agrees to serve as ZBZ’s delegate to CRU Panhellenic, the governing body of sororities.  Rusty kills Calvin in Gotcha and takes over his target, who just so happens to be Rusty’s girlfriend, Jordan.  In an episode full of serious cock blocking, Calvin and his roommate Grant keep trying to have a real date, but get interrupted.  Ashley stays mad at Fischer, but shows some signs of softening up at the end.  (I still think they’re going to get back together.)

As the Panhellenic president tries to prevent sororities from participating in the Undie Run claiming it gives them bad reputations, Casey channels Elle Woods of Legally Blonde fame to override the vote.  Turning to ex-boyfriend and Omega Chi president Evan for help, Casey gathers signatures on a petition to reinstate the Undie Run.  Their exchanges in the episode suggest that there still might be something between Casey and Evan, which is going to hinder any chances of Casey and Cappie finally getting together.  Which didn’t happen this episode, surprise surprise.  Although they did have another tender exchange right before the Undie Run.

Jordan and Rusty struggle to trust each other as the last two standing in the game of Gotcha.  Rusty finally gives in and trusts Jordan and they have a special (read: full of sex) night together before she finally kills him off, so ZBZ wins.  Calvin and Grant attempt to go on a date in the next town over so they can have privacy, but they run into Evan, who has taken a job at a restaurant to earn money since his trust fund has been taken away.  Secrets are finally shared, and Calvin tells Evan that he and Grant are interested in each other, and Evan comes clean that he gave up his trust fund.  (Another episode about trust and honesty, yah?)

Casey wavers as to whether the Undie Run is actually a good idea after a guilt trip from the Panhellenic Greek3003_4president.  She decides to turn it into a clothing drive for charity, and tells Ashley at the end that she is just getting started with Panhell.  Maybe Casey will turn out to be a politician after all.  She certainly seems ambitious.  I think we’ll see Casey grow up a bit and start thinking about the future as the season progresses.  Which is good, because she’s supposed to be a senior.  Now if only Cappie would get the hint and do the same.  Or the producers would take my hint and get Jordan some acting lessons.


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