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Roughin’ It: Top Chef (S6: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 16, 2009

Third Times a Charm

Third Time's a Charm

Michael starts the episode by suggesting that perhaps Hector should not have been sent home.  He argues that he had more talent than Robin who got to stay.  I think I agree.  Robin certainly has not given the judges any good reasons for keeping her here.

For the quickfire challenge, viewers voted cactus as the exotic ingredient for the cheftestants to use.  Turns out it’s really slimy.  Most chefs opted to use the cactus as a salsa or sauce for a meat dish.  (Except for the cactus jelly donuts…how weird.)  Now that the obvious weak links have been sent home, it is getting tougher to tell who is going to be on top and bottom, but Mike Isabella was on top like he has been recently and was declared the winner.  Mattin also finally made it into the top for including tequila in his dish.  Tequila and cactus seem like a natural combination.

For the elimination challenge, the cheftestants cooked a high end meal outside for a dozen cowboys on a ranch.  The chefs were unsure what type of cooking tools would be available for them, which made it difficult for them to plan their dishes.  Jennifer the control freak was particularly uneasy.   The ranch ended up being much more ‘rustic’ than they had anticipated.  Four fire pits comprised the ‘kitchen.’  This did not make our chefs happy, needless to say.  Nor did the prospect of sleeping in tents.

Under intense time pressure and the burning sun, the chefs hurried to finish their dishes.  Cowboy hats and denim descended on the chefs.  These looked like men who had never been to a four star restaurant in their lives, but they were quite receptive to the dishes.  The good ones anyway.  The judges argued that most of the dishes were pretty bland.  Except for Mattin’s dish which Tom spit out so it must have been downright disgusting.  Robin’s prawn dish was also bad, but she recognized after the fact that it wasn’t good, a fact which would save her later.  Ashley’s fish dish earned her her first ever spot in the top chefs.  The judges crowned Bryan the winner, his third elimination challenge win.  He keeps a relatively low profile among the chefs, but has clearly thinks about his dishes and executes them well.  Robin, Ron, and Mattin ended up in the bottom.  Mattin’s dish had raw fish in it and made one of the cowboys sick, and Ron’s mojito was bitter according to the judges.

The judges decided to send Mattin home, which doesn’t surprise me because they are notoriously unforgiving to people who think their dishes are good when they aren’t.  I am going to miss his cute French accent, though.  (When he described his quickfire dish as ‘pickled’ cactus, I about died laughing.  Peeeeeeeeeckled.)  It’s a shame to see him go because I suspect Robin, Eve, or Laurine may not be as talented as he seemed to be.

I think Robin is the next to go.  She has not done anything to distinguish herself, other than suck a LITTLE BIT less than someone else.

Penn and Teller next week?  Awesome.


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