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It’s Always Sunny in Quotable Philadelphia (S5:E1)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 18, 2009

One of the most inappropriate, disgusting, insensitive…and hilarious shows on television returned last night. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia takes the common concept of scheming friends but puts them in ridiculous situations. The thing that really sells it is that each of them truly believes they’re intelligent and can handle anything…but in fact can barely run a bar. It takes a while to get used to, and last night’s episode wasn’t the best, but it’s definitely entertaining. It’s based more on those situations, sight gags, and fantastic acting than quotable jokes…but we’ll try it anyway.

“The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis” (S5:E1)

Plot Summary: The four guys try to flip a house that was foreclosed, while Dee tries to become a surrogate mother.

Great Moment: I love the meta joke at the beginning, literally saying exactly what the show does every episode. Frank and Dee present two get-rich-quick schemes, and Dennis tries to hash out which one they should devote their energies to. The mortgage plan becomes the “A” plot while Dee gets relegated to the “B” plot. It was like a peek inside the writer’s room.

Weak Part: Dee was really more insulting and crasser than she usually is. I mean, she normally has no tact. But she can sometimes see when she’s crossing a line. Not in this episode. I can’t believe the would-be parents didn’t just kick her out of their house immediately.

Top 3 Jokes/Gags

  1. Dee: “Let me throw something at you guys. Brace yourself. What are your thoughts on doubling down so to speak and going for twins? If it’s a matter of price, I’m willing to cut you a deal on the second one. And, we don’t have to stop at two. I’ve typed up a price sheet I’d like you to peruse. If you’ll look down around number four or five, that’s where you really start to see some savings.”
  2. Dennis: (speaking in front of a family whose house they’re trying to take) “Look, OK, absolutely we could cave the husband’s skull in here. Yes, we could take the wife down to the basement and have her friends eat free-for-all with her. We could tie the kids up in their little rooms upstairs so they wouldn’t hear anything.” Mac: “But in that scenario we’d have to kill the kids because they would have seen our faces.” Dennis: “Right, then we could smear the walls with their blood. Guys, there are any number of twisted scenarios that could play out here, but I think the easiest thing, really, is to just go get the deed.” Charlie: “Right, why get weird.” Dennis: “Let’s just keep it simple.” Frank: “For now we take the high road.”
  3. Lawyer: “I can see clearly you know nothing about the law. It seems like you have a tenuous grasp on the English language in general.” Charlie: “OK, um, well……..fillibuster.”

3 Responses to “It’s Always Sunny in Quotable Philadelphia (S5:E1)”

  1. Day Man said

    “her friends eat free-for-all”? Um….try “frenzied free-for-all”. Although I’d surely be entertained by an explanation of how what you heard makes the slightest bit of sense whatsoever…

    • Mr. Feeny said

      The whole thing was disturbing and nonsensical. I guess I just assumed they threw in cannibalism. Yours sounds better.

      • Day Man said

        Fair enough…sorry for my tone, I only discovered what is now my favorite show recently, and as they say “there is no zealotry like that of the convert.”

        Now fix the quote dammit!!!!:-)

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