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Curb Your Quotable Enthusiasm (S7:E1)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 20, 2009

One of the most highly anticipated returning comedies of the year. Actually, probably the most. No sitcom has gotten more press than Curb Your Enthusiasm and its Seinfeld reunion. So how did the first of 10 episodes pan out? And for Curb, the Top 3 is probably usually going to be just discussions of social contracts.

Plot Summary: Larry wants to break up with Loretta. But she’s getting test results back from the doctor. He doesn’t want to be burdened with her illness. So he has a 24-hour window before she gets those results.

Social Constructs Discussed: Resting vs. sleeping, best temperatures for sleeping, making empty promises, taking food from a fridge without asking.

Great Moment: I loved Larry and Cheryl reconnecting. Very sweet. And it showed how difficult life was with Larry’s eccentricities…but how they were still meant for each other.

Weak Decision: I didn’t like that they actually definitely showed Jeff cheating on his wife. It had been assumed before, but now he’s genuinely a scumbag. Funny, but scummy.

Top 3 Jokes/Gags:

  1. A doctor takes a drink out of Larry’s fridge without asking. They get into it about Larry never offering a drink. Then Marty comes in and says “liquids are ok.”
  2. Larry: “You can’t make an empty gesture to a Funkhauser. They take you up on it.” That’s in reference to Larry fake offering to help with Marty’s mentally disabled sister and Jeff offering to help her with her boredom. Larry has to sit with her for two hours, and Jeff has sex with her.
  3. Larry, Leon and Loretta arguing over what temperature is best to sleep in. The great part is the specifics. 68 vs. 75 vs. 82. No leeway.

Grade: B


2 Responses to “Curb Your Quotable Enthusiasm (S7:E1)”

  1. Christopher Moltisanti said

    I believe they confirmed Jeff cheated on his wife a few seasons ago when he and Larry were in New York. And why is that a negative? This isn’t a show full of upright moral characters. One of my favorite Jeff moments was when he enjoyed some Johnny Walker with Larry’s hot actress ex-girlfriend.

    Ex-girlfriend: “Are you going to be OK to drive?”
    Jeff: “Ah, we’ll wait it out.”

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