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Accidentally No Way: Premiere Review Accidentally on Purpose

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 22, 2009

Elfman as Billie

Elfman as Billie

“I need to know if this is empowering or just desperate.” –Billie

This whole show just reeks of desperation.

After a breakup with her wealthy boss, Billie (Jenna Elfman) spends a night on the town with her girlfriends, meets the much-younger Zack (Jon Foster), sleeps with him, and ends up pregnant.  She decides to keep the baby because “she may never get another chance.”  (Yah, I just threw up a little.)  Zack, a loser (but good cook–because that’s what all women want, right?) with friends of the pot-smoking variety, moves in with Billie.

Is it just me or does an unfunny show with a laugh track just become HORRIBLE?  The acting is bad, the writing is worse, and it is about the antithesis of female empowerment.  Billie is SUCH a childish character that she makes my skin crawl, and I just hate her.  Forgive my feminist rant, but her celebration of empowerment just for sleeping with a younger guy is disgusting.  The best way I can describe Jenna Elfman’s acting is harsh.  The show just has absolutely no charm.  The character of her best friend, Olivia (played by Ashley Jensen, Scottish accent and all) is SO unfunny it’s almost funny.  Her accent is annoying and adds nothing to the show. The duo of Olivia and Billie’s sister are just so over the top that they’re not funny.  The whole show is so contrived.  Of course Zack has nowhere to live so he has to move in with Billie.  Of course Zack’s dad left him when he was a kid so he wants to help with the baby.  (I know lots of shows are contrived, but this one is especially so.)

It’s basically Knocked Up without the charm or humor. Don’t bother watching.

Oh, and the use of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” in the opening bar scene was such a cliche.

Grade: F


3 Responses to “Accidentally No Way: Premiere Review Accidentally on Purpose”

  1. Blu said

    And some guy who makes a ton of money gave them the greenlight to film it!

  2. Mr. Feeny said

    I couldn’t agree with you more, CJ. I also gave it an F. It seemed like they just slapped together the most basic cardboard sitcom they could possibly come up with. Not only were the jokes bad, but so was the acting. The father? Horrific. If it LOOKS like you’re acting, that’s a problem. And “harsh” really is the best way to describe Elfman’s acting. Way too intense. Not normal at all. Some shows I like to give a chance, like Community. I will never EVER watch Accidentally on Purpose again…and not just because there’s so much else on from 7-8.

    Which, by the way, the show it replaced was one of my favorites last year. “Worst Week” was fricking hilarious. Laugh-Out Loud slapstick comedy, perfectly acted with never-ending wacky situations. I was so disappointed it got canceled midway through. I don’t usually like to buy sitcoms on DVD…but I might for that show.

  3. Malcolm said

    Another spot on review. Save this review because you’ll be able to reuse it when 100 QUESTIONS premieres mid-season…

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