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Happy Anniversary West Wing!

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 22, 2009

My favorite TV show, Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing turns 10 years old today!  The show first aired on September 22, 1999, with the Pilot episode.  6 more seasons followed the first one before the show ended.  The final episode, “Tomorrow,” aired May 14, 2006.  I then promptly acquired the complete series box set.  I wish the show were still on the air, but today, I shall raise a glass to the best show ever on TV (IMHO).  Celebrate with me, dear readers!

Now watch Josh and Donna discuss THEIR anniversary:

What’s next?


One Response to “Happy Anniversary West Wing!”

  1. BS said

    I know that episode! Seems like I just watched it… 🙂

    Best show I’ve seen. Deep without beating you over the head over it (not too much… at least in the first four seasons).

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