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High and Dry: Greek (S3:E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 22, 2009

“When push comes to shove, Casey doesn’t let you drink the shampoo.  No matter how good it smells.”  –Evan

Heh.  What a funny episode.  It’s campus dry weekend for Greek life at CRU (Do any colleges actually do that?  What a stupid idea.)  The weekend kicks off with Calvin’s roommate crush Grant’s surprise girlfriend showing up to celebrate his birthday.  No surprise, we’re totally on Calvin’s side here because the girlfriend is a total floozy and so awful.  Because of her Panhell duties, Casey gets assigned to patrol the frats and sororities to make sure they’re observing the dry rules.  Her partner in patrol…wait for it…ex-boyfriend Evan!

Rusty’s low grade in Chemistry has earned him the nickname “Anchor” for bringing down the curve.  So, he diligently seeks out a sponsor for an extra project.  Rusty and Cappie serve as each other’s wingmen at a chemistry party to land Rusty a sponsor.  Cappie, by the way, is in it to land a hot chemistry girl.  (Cuz I’m sure there are so many of those around.)

Sober patrol ain't so sober

On Casey and Evan’s sober patrol, they help themselves to brownies at the Sci Fi nerdy frat.  They later find out that said brownies were in fact, pot brownies.  (High and dry, get it?  Get it?)  For the record, Casey is much better at acting high than Evan.  They are both pretty funny high, though.  Fischer helps Ashley seek out the kites (cuz they’re high, right?), and we can see him slowly winning Ashley back.  Ash, btw, looks totally hot with straight hair in this scene.  Evan and Casey are hiding in the showers at ZBZ, Greek3004_1and the conversation turns to their past.  This scene made me like Evan and Casey together again.  (Of course, I’ve always been a sucker for ambitious, clean cut Republican types, so I’ve always been more sympathetic to Evan than others may be.)  I like Evan.  I realize I’m probably in the minority, but I really like him. When the president of Panhell comes looking for Casey, Evan swoops in to defend her, which is sweet despite him being so totally high and making a mess of the whole thing.

Rebecca masquerades as Calvin’s girlfriend to go on a double date with Grant and his high school girlfriend.  (In exchange for Calvin getting Ashley to forgive her.)  Their date is a hilarious disaster, and it ends up with Grant breaking up with his girlfriend by telling her he’s gay.

In the final scene, we FINALLY get slinky nighties and booty shorts in the ZBZ house as Casey and Ashley have a heart to heart about why she should forgive Fischer.  And when she finally does, the next day in the ZBZ kitchen, it’s an adorably cute scene.  I knew they would get back together!

Another reason this episode was great?  Jordan wasn’t in it.  Teehee.


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