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Cougar Town: Premiere Review

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 23, 2009

Please eat this show and all records of it anywhere

Please eat this show and all records of it anywhere

“Do you know how scary it is to be a single 40 year old woman?”  –Jules

Wow.  Middle age sucks if this show is to be believed. Wrinkles, fat, and being forced to have sex?  Sign me up!

Recently divorced mom, Jules (Courtney Cox) heads back out on the town.  She meets a cute young guy, gets drunk, and uses the phrase “coochie-cooch” to describe how she got knocked up.  Gag me.  He ends up back at her place where they have sex three times before Jules’s son walks in on them.  Oh gee.  Didn’t see that coming.

This show has similar problems to Accidentally on Purpose.  It’s harsh, and the characters are all just caricatures of caricatures.  I liked Courtney Cox on Friends, but this just is not her best work.  This show just reeks of desperate actresses trying to force another hit.  One of the things I hate the most about this show is that the characters don’t seem to like themselves.  One of Jules’s friends hates having sex with her husband, Jules just seems miserable and hates the way she looks.  Self loathing comedy isn’t funny when its so totally desperate–or degrading.  Also, Courtney Cox looks good.  What is this deal about women needing to have sex with younger men to be empowered?  Jules is a successful real estate broker (no mention of financial crisis here, so I think she’s doing OK for herself.  Also, she’s paying alimony to her ex-husband so she has the dolla dolla bills y’all.)  It’s so HORRIBLE.  And I’m not going to apologize for my feminist rant because I have nothing to apologize for-this is degrading and not funny.  Granted, the women in this show and Accidentally on Purpose are not 23, but geez, do we all just start hating ourselves when we get older?  Do we forget the other things we have DO going for us like a successful career and only find fulfillment in sex with younger men?  Or could it be that shows like this tell us we’re supposed to feel fat and ugly and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy?  Either way, I’m horrified.  Maybe I just don’t understand what it feels like to get older.  But my goodness, I hope it’s nothing like this.

Also, the irony in Jules’s rant about how her looks are fading is not lost on me because she still looks really good.  And the jokes about face lifts and boob jobs are not funny.

Grade: F

Desperately hoping for an early cancellation.  Who’s with me?


3 Responses to “Cougar Town: Premiere Review”

  1. Christopher Moltisanti said

    With you on this one CJ…

  2. Mr. Feeny said

    I’ll admit…I did laugh a little. But that’s because Courtney Cox is a funny person (and, you’re right, still hot. No one would have a problem sleeping with her). The rest of the cast is an utter disappointment. Cringe-worthy, except for Christa Miller (Jordon on Scrubs). Everyone else’s acting is just lame…lamer than the jokes themselves. I can’t think of another reason to watch this show. Maybe if her husband did a guest starring thing. I’d watch it for David.

  3. Malcolm said

    2 for 3 on the night CJ.

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