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Devilish Deconstruction: Top Chef (S6: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 23, 2009

Awwww, cute!  The boys began the day wearing scarves like Mattin’s in honor of him being sent home.  The cheftestants all seem to agree Robin should have been sent home AGAIN last week.  Talk about overstaying a welcome.

For the quickfire challenge, the chefs were assigned to make a duo representing their personal struggles (like angel on one shoulder and devil on another) as a chef.  Interesting idea, but this was a bit too much like the ‘make a dish representing your vice’ they did earlier this season.  Robin ended up in the top for making a salad and an apple crisp, so she must have done it really well, but the chefs were all shocked that dishes so simple won.  As was I.  She ends up WINNING and got IMMUNITY.  So she’ll be around for another week at least.  Oh joy.  Eli points out her cancer sob story really got played up in the challenge, and I totally agree.  Last I checked, cancer doesn’t care how healthily you eat.  (My apologies for insensitivity.)

Penn and Teller joined the cheftestants for the elimination challenge.  Penn and Teller are known for deconstructing magic, so accordingly the cheftestants have to deconstruct a classic dish, such as paella, eggs florentine, or shepherds pie.   Lots of chefs are out of their elements, even Jennifer, who is usually cool as a cucumber.  Eli’s pressure cooker explosion did nothing to ease the tensions either.  Laurine and Ron, who didn’t seem to understand deconstruction of food, both seemed to be in pretty serious trouble after the prep scene.  Laurine’s dish actually looked disgusting when she served it.  By contrast, Ashley’s deconstructed pot roast got rave reviews.  Robin’s deconstructed clam chowder was not well received by the judges either.  Perhaps the immunity was not deserved.

For the win!

For the win!

The judges selected Ashley, Michael, Kevin, and Jennifer for their top dishes.  Kevin wins the challenge and a new set of nonstick cookwear (ftw!).  This is Ashley’s second time in the top chefs in two episodes, so I’m beginning to think I underestimated her in the beginning of the season.  Ash, Laurine, and Ron ended up in the bottom for not really embracing or understanding deconstruction.

I was thinking the judges would send Laurine packing, but Ron really missed the boat on deconstruction, so it was his turn to pack his knives.

I’m not doing very well with the predicting who will go home thing, but I really think that Laurine and Robin have overstayed their welcome.  Stick a fork in them cuz they’re done.


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