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Mercy: Premiere Review

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 23, 2009

“You don’t think she should have the surgery?”

“Hey, I’m just the nurse.”

Mercy follows nurses around Mercy Hospital.  A common theme is the tension between nurses and doctors, which is so played out, imho.  One of the nurses, Veronica, was in Iraq, a fact which she never hesitates to bring up.  She struggles with anger issues and blames everyone else in the hospital for her problems.  The show explores these nurses’ personal relationships with each other and with other members of the community.  Most of their relationships with friends and family are annoyingly screwed up.  They’re so screwed up that I don’t want to keep watching to figure out how they unscrew them up because I think it’s all just going to end up screwed up in the end.  (Savvy?)  Veronica agrees to get back together with her old husband, but then, oh snap!, the guy she was sleeping with in Iraq takes a job at Mercy hospital.  Whomever will she choose?  (Can we say Grey’s Anatomy rip off?)  Michelle Trachtenberg plays a green new nurse, struggling to deal with the gritty reality of trauma.

The writing is not good.  Forced, unnatural.  The creative team for this show, which I was so excited about, has let me down.  The acting isn’t very good…full of stunned reaction shots.  The music felt dated.  The show just felt kind of low budget, trashy.  Hard to put my finger on why, but there was something just off about it.

And is it just me, or does Michelle Trachteberg play the same character in every show she’s in?  Overeager, awkward, naive?  Totally doesn’t know anything about life.  I have no doubt we will watch her grow throughout the show, but this fact is so predictable that I just don’t care that much.  (Personal development?  YAWWWWWWWN.)

I will readily admit that I am not a fan of the doctor/hospital genre of TV (except for Scrubs), so perhaps I am predisposed to not like this show.  Nonetheless, I don’t see anything new here.  How is this different from Grey’s Anatomy?  Or ER?  I’m drawing a blank.  I guess the people are less attractive in Mercy.  There’s a difference for you.  (I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy, but Patrick Dempsey is cute.)  This show was frankly boring.  I started doing some homework halfway through.  (Oh yes, I found rhetorical theory from 1955 more exciting than this show.  That probably says more about this show than these paragraphs I’ve just written.)

Grade: D-

This show is mercilessly bad.  Mercifully, this was the only episode I will have to watch of this show.  Have mercy.


2 Responses to “Mercy: Premiere Review”

  1. Malcolm said

    It’s different from GREY’S ANATOMY and ER in the sense that it’s a ripoff of NURSE JACKIE…but the criticism still holds.

  2. […] a guest column from a fellow TV aficionado.  Anya has been raving about NBC’s Mercy.  I dismissed it this fall when I reviewed it, saying it had nothing new to offer.  And starring an actress that I […]

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