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Glee Review: Preggers (S1:E4)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 24, 2009

Glee‘s getting glum. At least for me.

I was a big fan not two weeks ago. But the more I watch it, the less I actually find myself enjoying it. And that’s with me WANTING to enjoy it more than most shows. There are some big problems that just keep getting bigger. And it seems to have strayed far from its pilot in just four episodes.

Episode Highlight: Mentioning Walter Payton and the Super Bowl Shuffle

Episode Highlight: Mentioning Walter Payton and the Super Bowl Shuffle

I mentioned last week that “Acafellas” seemed incredibly rushed and crowded. That same problem continued in “Preggers.” Too many big storylines packed into one hour of television. And it seems to be the same storyline, no matter what happened previously. As Archie said after Rachel walked out of glee rehearsal, “That loses significance every time she storms out.” That’s exactly right. Every week so far, she’s been disappointed and acted like a diva, and left. Only to come right back. I fully expect her back in the fold next week. Of course, this goes for the football team as well. Whatever happened to making fun of Finn for joining Glee? Now they’re all learning dance moves? Yet still complaining about it. Puck was in Acafellas, but he’s still insulting Finn for singing and dancing? It’s like previous plot developments don’t matter.

Of course, they rushed those developments in the first place. And at the expense of any logic. William McKinley High School seems like a big place. You’re telling me the only way they can get the minimum of 12 people is with cheerleaders and football players, none of whom are supposed to care about singing? Doesnt’ WMHS have a choir? They must, with at least 40 people in it. So where are they? I can understand not wanting to add more characters…there’s already an overabundance. But to put this wide variety into Glee…it’s ludicrous.

Speaking of nonsensical —- *SPOILER* —– this entire plot with Quinn being pregnant is ridiculous. Forgetting the fact that the president of the chastity club actually would be chaste, not just some big cliche…she had sex with her boyfriend’s best friend once and got pregnant? And told Finn it happened while they were inches apart in the hot tub? Finn can’t be that stupid. And now she might give that baby to Schuester’s wife so she can keep hiding her non-pregnancy? When did Glee go from a fun song-and-dance to a melodramatic soap opera? Sometime between Labor Day and now, apparently.

Chris Colfer does a very nice job adding more to Kurts character

Chris Colfer does a very nice job adding more to Kurt's character

One more note on the stupidity of this episode. The football team dancing to “Single Ladies” right before the last play? Um…you’ve got to be kidding me. First of all, it’s against the rules. The linemen were set. Jumping up to start dancing would be a false start and a 5 yard penalty. Secondly, these macho men would never actually do this. Certainly not to that song.  Third, what happened to actually singing in this show? Everytime we heard this song, even when Kurt was dancing to it, it was Beyonce’s voice. I thought the idea was to have characters break into song.

There are elements I still like. I love the actual singing…like Lea Michele auditioning with a Celine Dion number, or Tinasinging “Tonight” from West Side Story (first time we heard her voice…it’s lovely, though limited in range). This show has a lot of heart, which is great. You really feel for certain characters. Specifically Kurt in this episode, as he tries to impress his father. They do a very nice job investing in the students and adults alike.

But as a whole, Glee is spinning rapidly away from their original goal, or at least what I thought it was. I’ll keep watching…for a while at least. Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth guest stars next week, which will hopefully be fun. I understand there’s an element of farce to this show. But it still needs to make sense. And avoid the drama. Unless Glee gets more realistic, less cluttered, and more musical, I don’t think I’ll be following it much longer.

Grade: B-


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