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Hollywood Lights: Project Runway (S6:E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 24, 2009

Sent home waaaaay too soon.

Sent home waaaaay too soon.

I was SHOCKED by what happened tonight.  The designers were charged with designing a piece based on a film genre.  They selected from Western, period piece, sci fi, action adventure, or film noir.  Much of what came down the runway tonight was really quite pretty and ambitious.

In the top three were Nicolas who designed a white fluffy gown for an ice queen in a sci fi movie, Epperson, who made a gorgeous Firefly-esque Western badass dress, and Christopher who created a beautiful, puffy period piece.  I would have given the win to Christopher because that dress was intricate and very well done, but the judges gave it to Nicolas. (I think the ice queen outfit would fit him quite well.  He’s certainly the new princess.  And not in a good way.)

The bottom included Giordana for once again, designing something safe and boring, Louise, for also not taking risks, and Ra’mon for a hot mess of a sci fi alien lizard costume that he made in 2 hours.  I thought the judges would send Louise home, but SHOCKINGLY they opted to send Ra’mon home for his craft project mess.  I really thought they would keep Ra’mon because he has been so good in the past.  But instead Louise got an undeserved pass.  This was the first time this season that I have been really surprised.  An audible gasp escaped from the couch of friends I was watching with.

So now, the designer I predicted would win the season on week one has been sent home.  I will take this opportunity to revise my predictions and pick Shirin as the winner.  (In my defense, I’ve been a Shirin fan from the start.  See her portfolio here.  Also the first week is too soon to predict winners.)

Next to go will be Giordana.  She’s been boring the last two weeks, and the judges have little patience for that.


2 Responses to “Hollywood Lights: Project Runway (S6:E6)”

  1. Andrea said

    it was a big hot mess of kermit the frog gone wrong, but def. wrong choice by the judges… we need michael kors and his sanity back!

  2. CJ Cregg said

    Yah. Where have Michael Kors and even Nina Garcia been the last few weeks?

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