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“The Meeting” (The Office: S6:E2)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 24, 2009

Plot Summary: David Wallace visits the Scranton branch for a private meeting with Jim, which freaks out Michael. Elsewhere, Dwight and Toby investigate a worker’s comp claim…and Pam tries to convince her coworkers not to go to their wedding.

Great Moment: Andy trying to make common everyday cheeses from the kitchen into a fancy cheese plate. Including Parmesan cheese and blue cheese dressing “from south of the border: Illinois.”

Weak Moment: I love Michael’s redeeming moments, when he surprises you. But I hate his selfish ones. The episodes where he does something to hurt others just to help himself. Especially when it’s someone as nice as Jim. It still bugs me that he drove that mom and pop store out of business last year. Thankfully, there was redemption at the end of this one….which is going to create quite the complications this season.

Top 3 Jokes/Gags:

  1. Michael asking Oscar what sensations and emotions he should expect during his colonoscopy (because Oscar’s gay).
  2. Michael: “So you and Jim are pretty close.” Pam: “Yeah. The pregnancy really brought us together.”
  3. Meredith: “I’ll just get all the other information the day of. I’ll text you.” Pam: “You are going to text me the morning of my wedding to ask for directions? ” Meredith: “Right.” Pam: “And you will eat whatever’s fanciest?” Meredith: “Unless there’s ribs.”

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