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“The Road Ahead”: Brothers and Sisters (S4: E1)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 27, 2009

“And which one of you guys gets to sleep with the egg lady?”  –Grandma Ida on surrogate motherhood

Like all great Brothers and Sisters episodes, this one has a huge family get together that ends in minor disaster.  The big Walker event is Justin and Rebecca’s (hereafter Justecca) engagement party.  (UGH.  I know I’m probably in the minority here, but I do not like Rebecca or Justecca together.  If I were the two of them, I couldn’t get over the ‘we used to think we were related’ thing that would be necessary to start dating and then subsequently get married.  Although I will say that his proposal over the medical textbooks was pretty darn cute.  Not sure it would work so well over a rhetoric textbook, but a girl can dream.)

Is the spark all gone?

Is the spark all gone?

Kitty and Robert are still awkward as they put on a front for the media while trying to resurrect their marriage.  Robert isn’t sure it’s worth it because he doesn’t feel a spark.  Sarah is dating again.  Scotty and Kevin are trying to have a kid through surrogate motherhood.  Tommy is apparently planning on coming home for the wedding.  The tension between Holly and Nora is at a fever pitch as they fight over who gets to plan the party.

Turns out, Justin sucks at being a med student.  (Should have been reading those medical textbooks instead of using them as props for a cute proposal it seems.)

The family party is extra crazy because Grandma Ida is there and seems to be hitting it off with

Break up already.  Plz?

Break up already. Plz?

Holly and being politically incorrect.   Justecca have a huge fight because Justin has completely cracked under the pressure of med school.  Rebecca looks like quite the slut in her party outfit.  Nora is completely upstaged when Holly gives Justecca a car for their engagement, which leads to a massive catfight between Nora and Holly.  (They both deserve a hard backhand.  How childish)  Will their families ultimately keep them apart?  (I for one hope so.)  The inability of Justecca to overcome their families’ differences is a theme we’ve seen over and over.  They just AREN’T mature enough to handle their relationship or to be getting married.  (And she really needs to realize it isn’t all about HER.  Get over yourself, illegitimate child.)  In the end, though, Justecca still seem to be on the marriage path as they vow for the 14 millionth time to support each other.

Kitty has a health problem (lymphoma?) and the doctor does not have good news.  CLIFFHANGER!  The episode leaves us there, and we have to wait until next week to figure out what’s wrong with Kitty and how the Walkers will deal.  The Walkers clearly have hard times ahead, but I think they will pull together in the end.  Expect heartwarming scenes of family unity this season.

Grade: A

Huge Walker event, tons of drama, aggravating cliffhanger?  Oh yes, Brothers and Sisters is BACK.  And I’m stoked.


One Response to ““The Road Ahead”: Brothers and Sisters (S4: E1)”

  1. Mr. Feeny said

    I’m growing weary of Brothers & Sisters. Pretty much the whole time I was watching, I was also wondering…”who do I like in this show?” I like some of the actors, but HATE their storylines. Like Robert and Kitty. They’ve been married how long? And already have lost the spark? Please. And Kevin and Scotty? Same question and they’re already considering adopting? Holly has always made me sick (actress included), Tommy was a waste so I’m glad he’s gone. But up and down, the only one I really like is Sally Field. And I’m not sure how much longer she alone can make me watch this show.

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