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“The Stakeout” (P&R S2:E2)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 27, 2009

Plot Summary: Leslie turns the pit into a community garden, but finds out there’s pot in that there pit. So she decides to find the culprit.

Great Moment: Nick Offerman’s understated role as the head of the Parks & Recreation department is always entertaining, but he took it to a new level in this episode. Due to a hernia, Ron is confined to his chair and can’t move his back or head. He tries to hide this fact and just deal with. Hilarity ensues.

Top 3 Jokes/Gags:

  1. Ron asks April to give him his lunch…from 2 feet away. She does so reluctantly. Ron, completely immobile except for his right arm, opens the box and stares at his burger and fries. He slowly picks up the burger, examines it for a while…and then…no, describing it would ruin it. Just look at the video in our player on the right. I couldn’t stop laughing. Every time I watch it.
  2. Leslie: “I have stakeout supplies. This is stuff that we’re probably gonna need. We have notepads, pencils AND pencil case, shakeable whipped cream, camera…um…and candy necklaces. It’s like we’re real police. And I made us a mix CD. It’s all song about people watching people….it’s mostly Sting.”
  3. A typically expressionless conversation between these two: April: “I went home but I had this strange feeling there was something wrong with you, so I came back.” Ron: “It’s just a minor medical issue.” April: “AIDS?” Ron: “No, I’m safe.” April: “Blindness?” Ron: “No.” April: “Is it like a parasite or a virus or something that you get from a bee?” Ron: “I have a hernia.” April: “Do you have syphilis?” Ron: “I said it’s a hernia.” April: “I know. It’s possible to have two things.

Grade: A-


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