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Walking ‘Tall’: ANTM (S13: E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 27, 2009

This episode was far less absurd than the one before it.  This week, we learned that none of these girls can walk a runway without looking like lap dogs at the Westminster Kennel Club.  They worked with Ms. J on their runway walks and were upstaged by a 9 year old.  See below:

Diva Davanna and Ms. J

Diva Davanna and Ms. J

Lulu refused to change her signature walk.  (Next question: how does she even HAVE a signature walk?  Don’t you need to be a model to have one of those?)

In a fashion show challenge, the girls walked down the runway next to regular-sized models and had the task of looking tall.  Epic fail, all of them.  Except for apparently Brittany, who won the challenge and got to be in Seventeen magazine.  Laura, the Kentucky native and former Walmart cashier, exclaimed in the most annoying draaaaaaaawl ever: My first runway show was so much better than walking down the frozen food aisle.  If I have to listen to her talk again for the rest of the season, I may scream.

For their photo shoot, the girls were asked to look taller.  How creative.  Also, if you want models who look tall, why not just hire models who ARE tall?  Just saying…



Jen seems to have conquered her lazy eye, and Ashley, and Erin also had good photos.  Bianca continued to struggle to look soft.  When prompted by Mr. J to think about something that warms her heart, she decided to think about Jesus.  Another model for Jesus.  They should start going door to door or something.  I didn’t think Jesus made Bianca’s face look any softer, but apparently the judges did.  Kara had the best picture of the week.  Well deserved.  She looks great in this picture.

Lulu and Brittany struggled to look tall, but Brittany’s challenge win gave her more clout with the judges, and Lulu was sent home.  Serves Brittany right for being annoying and boring.  And I guess no one back at home will make Lulu change her signature walk.  Lulu’s even-more-boring picture came out like this:



Before I put this episode to rest, I have to comment on two things on the judging this week.  First of all, all of the models wear sandals and flats to the judging, which just seems like a mockery.  They all look like they’re going to the mall and not to a judging that determines whether they will get to be America’s Next Top (read: Never going to get a job cuz I’m too short) Model.  It also makes them all look about 13 years old.  Second, whoah Tyra.  Those harem pants you were wearing tonight were off the hook.  Also, why do you get to wear heels while your little muses do not?  Oh right, cuz you’re the real model.  And you get to take pictures like this to sell the ever-popular trenchcoat bikini.  This fall’s must have piece.

tyraNext to go? Ashley.  The judges always hate the dancers.  I think Kara and Rae are going to stick around for awhile as well.  Nicole is also shockingly beautiful and takes great pictures, so I like her chances too.


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