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“Road to the Multiverse” (Family Guy – S8:E1)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 28, 2009

Plot Summary: Stewie and Brian visit parallel universes, the same time and location, but different historical circumstances. Sound familiar?

Great Moment: The Opening Credits. I love when they do these “Road to…” episodes, as an homage to Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. “Road to Rhode Island is my favorite Family Guy episode of all time. Their last “Road to” disappointed, as they only made jokes about breaking into song. This one, thankfully, did. But the opening credits set the stage, as the theme song was tweaked to sound like it was from a 1940s movie musical. And funny images of Brian and Stewie were shown. The episode wasn’t very good, despite the opening credits getting it rolling (bud-um-bum).

Weak Moment: The Cleveland Show. OK, this wasn’t a part of this episode. But the Family Guy cast was in the opening few minutes of Seth McFarlane’s newest show (not counting FlashForward, which he’s actually in himself). I worry about Family Guy’s quality when their allusion jokes are going to be wasted on its terrible spinoff.

Top 3 Jokes/Gags:

  1. While visiting different parallel universes, Brian and Stewie land in a world where everything’s drawn by Disney. The animation was great, the song was perfectly Disney-cheesy, and it was just tongue-in-cheek enough. Combine this with their criticism of The Flinstones (where all they did was add rock to words for humor) and Robot Chicken…it was a great tour-de-animation.
  2. When they land in a world of political cartoons Stewie says: “Here comes an overweight cat with dollar signs for eyes and a hat that says ‘social security’ pouring  a bucket that says ‘alternative minimum tax’ over a sad Statue of Liberty holding a ‘Democracy’ umbrella.” Brian (laughing): “Hahaha, oh, yes. That oughta wake people up.”
  3. At the Sistine Chapel. Stewie: “With no Christianity around to inspire Michelangelo, they gave the job John Hinckley.” Cut to a collage of Jodie Foster pictures on the ceiling.

This is one of the worst Family Guys I’ve seen a while. It was lazy and not very funny at all. No real plot. Plus, it was a ripoff of Sliders, yet they never made a joke about that. They did show a slide portal, which is close. And they quoted Quantum Leap…which dropped the “minus.”

Episode Grade: D


2 Responses to ““Road to the Multiverse” (Family Guy – S8:E1)”

  1. Distant Compliment Guy said

    I like your shirt!

  2. CJ Cregg said

    I didn’t watch the Family Guy episode, but I did watch the Cleveland Show. And boy do I wish I hadn’t. IT IS SOOOOO Horrible. The only (minorly) funny part was the bear with the Russian accent.

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