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Survivor: The Nasty Season (S19: E2)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 29, 2009

I wasn’t sure if Survivor would be one of those shows I’d review every week. But after this week’s second episode, I pretty much had to.

First, to set the record straight. I HATE inaccuracies. If a fan at home knows more about a show’s history than the actual people behind it, that’s a problem. I pointed this out in a post about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It now applies to Survivor.

All of last week, the promoted this episode as one full of Survivor firsts. That’s true. For the first time, someone found the hidden immunity idol without a clue (Slimy Russell) and someone went home because of medical reasons, but his team still went to Tribal Council (Old chef Mike). But the one Jeff Probst and everyone in charge of promos and internet content focused on was Ben being kicked out of a challenge for improper behavior. Probst immediately declared “For the first time in the history of Survivor.”

Remember Clay?

Remember Clay?

That’s just not true. Because it’s Season 19, do they just assume no one will remember when it happened in Season 5, Survivor: Thailand? Tattooed Robb was in a balance contest with short little Clay. And he choked him. Took him by the throat and threw him off the beam. Robb was immediately kicked out. FAIL for Jeff Probst and the whole Survivor team.

The rest of the episode was marked by incredible nastiness. Ben, of course, tripped someone in the immunity challenge. Then he got in a fight with Jasmin from the other team, who came over to observe Tribal Council. She’s a despicable character. Crass and loud-mouthed. She showed up at Foa Foa’s camp and pretty much took charge because her team would soon be up 10-7. So presumptuous. No actual attempt at being nice. Just a nasty season.

And that’s without even mentioning Russell, the big villain, who once again maneuvered to get one of his “dumb girls” voted out, because she didn’t trust him. And with good reason. So Betsy, the New England cop, got voted out. Unfairly, I thought.

Next to go: Ben. I expect Foa Foa to lose again down this many people. And they won’t be able to stand Ben’s attitude any more.


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