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Three college friends out in the world, filling the void with television…and loving it.

TV Ratings on this Site

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 29, 2009

One of the goals of our website is to make it simple. We didn’t want to make a ton of different sections and links to navigate through. That’s why we don’t have a full schedule anywhere, etc. So our sidebars are basically just meant to make your TV viewing easier. There are other places you can go to see a full list of tonight’s shows, or see a full list of yesterday’s ratings. But if you’re just casually visiting Two Guys, a Girl and a TV Set, we figure you might like some extra info on the side.

We had been including the top 3 networks and shows, with Nielsen ratings, on the side. But we decided that’s too many numbers — or not enough — to be worth it. Instead, we’re going to put the ranking for each show every day, plus how they moved up or down the list from last week. Like a college football poll. Plus, every week, we’ll recap how shows did. If you want detail, we encourage you to visit or But if you want the basics, you’ll get them here!


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