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“Double Date”: How I Met Your Mother (S5: E2)

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 30, 2009

Not to be confused with Stripper Lily

Not to be confused with Stripper Lily

Plot Summary: Ted goes out on a blind date with a girl he has been out on a blind date with before, seven years earlier.  (2002 Ted is kind of a tool, btw.)  They relive their first date, laughing over all the mistakes they made and seem to be having a great time, until they realize that they just aren’t the perfect match.  (She didn’t laugh at his shellfish joke.)  Barney and Marshall go to a strip club where they meet a stripper that looks exactly like Lily.

What we learn about the mother: She laughs at Ted’s “shellfish” joke.  And only 30% out of pity.  (Do you want to split the oysters?  Good, cuz otherwise that’d be shellfish.  GROOAN.)

Best moment: Barney tells the gang at McClaren’s that they’ve met doppelganger #3, Stripper Lily.  They then flash to the previous 2 doppelgangers, Lesbian Robin and Mustache Marshall.  (Mustache Marshall is AWESOME.)  We’ll meet 2 more doppelgangers (I’m assuming Ted and Barney) before the season is out.  (Gimmicks like this make this show legen…wait for it…dairy!)

Weak moment: Marshall’s killing Lily off fantasy.  Um, ok?

Top 3 Quotes

1) Barney to Marshall during their first trip to the strip club: I will be the wingman of your mind.

2) Ted realizes he has been out with Jen before: We have done a complete lap of all the single people in New York and ended up back with each other.

3) Ted realizes that he never called Jen after their first date 7 years earlier: I have been sooooooo busy.

This wasn’t a bad episode by any means, but it just was not as funny as I’m used to HIMYM being.  I struggled to find 3 quotable lines.  Nonetheless, I’m very excited about this concept of doppelgangers.


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