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No Thanks. Hank will Tank (Premiere Review)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on October 1, 2009

We’ve seen it before. The “riches to rags” story. A pompous guy gets knocked down a few pegs and is forced to live a modest life. How will he cope? What will his family do? In Hank, they move to Virginia. Why? Not exactly sure. Nor do I really care.

I love Frasier. It’s one of my Top 10 Favorite Shows (a list which will be posted soon). It was a great concept, brilliantly written and featured a tremendous supporting cast. It pains me to see Kelsey Grammer fall to this level. Hank features none of those qualities. It’s amateurish at best. The whole half-hour felt like the writers and everyone involved were just trying to knock out a show as quickly as possible. This type of sitcom, with basic sets and one-liners, is now pretty much only used in one place. Children’s networks.

Seriously. Have you ever watched Wizards of Waverly Place or The Suite Life of Zach and Cody or Hannah Montana. I’m not ashamed to admit I have (though I will blame my younger sisters for it). But that level of investment is what Hank achieved. A low-rate sitcom production. And frankly, it’s even worse. On Disney or Nickelodeon, you expect some campy qualities. The intended audience is 8-15 years old. When a network sitcom meets the same standards, with — dare I say — less funny jokes, we’ve got a problem.

I even partially blame Grammer. He became so adept at playing arrogant that he only knows one way to pull it off. Hank is the same character he played in Back to You, which was only slightly more “common man” than Frasier. There’s no nuance to this character…or any one in his family. Hank is exactly what it seems like. Which is a short-lived sitcom.

Still, better than Accidentally on Purpose.

Grade: D+


2 Responses to “No Thanks. Hank will Tank (Premiere Review)”

  1. CJ Cregg said

    You graded this one much more harshly than I did. Parts of it I thought were humorous. And it greatly exceeded my expectations. It wasn’t a good show, still pretty average, but I didn’t think it was BAD. It is a low rate sitcom, you’re right. And I won’t keep watching. But it was funnier than I thought it would be. Like the part where he sings the “Star Spangled Banner” to his child who can’t sleep? That made me chuckle at least. Which is more than I can say for anything in Modern Family.
    I’ll give it a B-.

  2. […] ABC’s Hank has also tanked, a show which I actually didn’t hate.  Hank had bad reviews from the get go, […]

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