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Ready to Wear: Project Runway (S6: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 1, 2009

Well wow.  After such a good week last week, who would have thought that so much  mediocre crap would go down the runway tonight?  Only one of the 10 looks impressed me.  For this challenge, the designers were given the task of creating two ready to wear looks in the color blue for the INC design label at Macys.  They were paired up to create their mini-collection.

Welcome Back Top American Fashion Designer, Michael Kors!

Welcome Back Top American Fashion Designer, Michael Kors!

Giordana and Irina did not work well as a team, but they came out on top.  Irina’s striped dress was a hit with the judges (including Michael Kors!  HE’S BACK!  YAY!  And he made Christopher cry, so all is right with the world.  Still no Nina Garcia, though.  Where is she?).  Irina got the win and gets to design a holiday dress to be sold at Macys.  Tim Gunn (touring the workroom in JEANS!  What?  Since when does Tim wear jeans?  And no tie!?!?!) praised Epperson and Christoper effusively, but the judges were not feeling the dated shirt dress and pumpkin party look.  Ummm, betrayal much?  But they scraped by.  Louisa and Nicolas created two dresses that looked like ruffles threw up on them (and I say this as a girl who LOVES to wear ruffles).  Nicolas had immunity, though, so he was safe.  Shirin and Carol Hannah designed two boring, safe garments that got by.  Althea

Christopher's strong design from last week

Christopher's strong design from last week

and Logan’s outfits were HOT MESSES.  Their suit had a skirt that was waaaaay too short and the other garment looked cheap, but they scraped by as well.

Christopher and Louise were in the bottom, but Heidi announced that “one or more” of them would be sent home.  But of course they weren’t going to send Christopher home (I was less confident in this judgment this week after the judges sent Ra’mon home last week.)  But the judges proved me right and sent Louise home.

Next to go?  Giordana.  Her safe design got her by this week for a ready to wear challenge, but once safe and boring is no longer okay, she’s out.


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