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“White to Play” (FlashForward S1:E2)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on October 1, 2009

FlashForward is one of those serials you really need to watch every episode. But if you don’t, and don’t have time to catch up with the whole show on Hulu, just look at our weekly review. All the important information and revelations will be recapped. But if I’ve forgotten something, please let us know in the comments. First, some general observations:

Did the blackouts set everything in motion? fulfilling their own prophecies? Will Olivia and Mark get farther apart because of what they know? Do these pictures and words on the board have a relevance to the case, or is Mark putting the cart before the horse? Finding clues only because he’s seen them before, not because they mean anything.

Why did flashforwards end when they did? Why right before Lloyd saw Olivia?

And we’re already questioning whether things are coincidence or fate.’ Oh so many questions to answer.

Some early predictions: 1) There will be TONS of red herrings and mistaken assumptions in this serious. Possibly to the point of getting old. 2) This mysterious bad guy they met today…won’t really be a complete bad guy. Probably like Ben in LOST. 3) Every episode will feature a big twist. I’m hoping they’re all as good as tonight’s, which showed us that DGibbons’ cell phone was calling the mysterious baseball stadium guy during the blackout.

As a side note, I really liked that the kids on the playground were playing “Blackout.” As well as Mark’s friend mentioning the significance of this. How everyone knows what everyone’s going through. Those are the little big picture elements, beyond the story, that make me like a show.

What We Learned (in order we learned it):

  • DGibbons, the owner of a cupcake store, visits the FBI to tell them about her vision, which included a mention of Demetri. She was angry with the person on the other end, said she’s “sick of you people harassing me,” and mentioned Pigeon, which led the FBI to Utah (where a seemingly dangerous guy in black blew up stuff after playing chess)
  • We start to find out what Charlie saw in her vision. She acts distraught when she sees Dylan and asks “what happened to Dylan?” Then she cries “don’t hurt him.”
  • Lloyd didn’t see Olivia in his vision (apparently). He might have been there, but Olivia never saw him see her.
  • Suspect Zero is a man about 5’8″ and 150lbs (based on computer guesses)
  • Someone inside the Detroit baseball stadium was talking to someone using DGibbons’ cell phone 30 seconds into the blackout. Are things as they seem?
  • Seeing nothing in a flashforward could mean death, since the officer who also saw nothing got killed this episode
  • Janis’ baby is a girl. She started crying when she found out in the vision.
  • A woman calls Demetri to tell him that in her vision, she read an intelligence brief that mentioned he was murdered on March 15
  • “DGibbons is a dangerous man.” That’s what Charlie, the daughter, says she learned in her vision. So who’s the DGibbons they’ve been following? And what else does Charlie know?

Things from the FlashFoBoard:

  • D Gibbons could be the woman from a cupcake shop who came to them to explain her vision (two FBI agents were mentioned in it, including Demetri)
  • The picture of the doll next to DGibbons was taken this episode, at a rundown doll factory in Pigeon, Utah (they were led there by Gibbons’ vision)

2 Responses to ““White to Play” (FlashForward S1:E2)”

  1. Confused said

    D Gibbons is the cupcake lady (we are led to believe until the final seconds of the episode). They find her cellphone in Utah? Then, after discovering that she was making a call to Suspect Zero during the blackout, they’re nice to her as she gives away cupcakes and they don’t question her at all on her way out?

    I’m obviously confused, because that doesn’t make any sense. 1) Why was her cell phone in Utah, and 2) Why would they let her go? This would all make sense if we had already heard that the D Gibbons they want is a man, but we don’t hear that until the final seconds.

    • Mr. Feeny said

      Excellent point. I was a little confused there as well. I assumed they were just slow-playing her, because they didn’t want to tip her off. But it did seem out of place.

      As for her cell phone being in Utah…maybe her whole vision was just a lie?

      Darn it. Now you have me confused too.

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