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“Lost and Founders”: Greek (S3: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 6, 2009

“You look awfully young and male to have founded ZBZ.” —Cappie to Nate

Sorority Skit

Sorority Skit

It’s Founder’s Weekend for ZBZ, not a good thing for a house that has dropped to “fourthish” in the rankings.  They welcome their deep-pocketed alums and try to raise some money to help their house’s profile on campus.  Let me first say that the ZBZ skit about their founding and history (featuring Casey dressed up as a Civil War general complete with mustache and Rebecca as a tree) was AWESOME.  (Please don’t ask how General Sherman is related to the founding of illustrious Zeta Beta Zeta.)  Sorority skits.  Classic staple of Greek life.  Well done, Greek writers, well done.

Jordan is still hating on school, and Rusty bails her out after she skips a class presentation.  She contemplates trying to get a degree in photography, and Rusty goes to great lengths to get her into the program (freeloader much?).  She decides she still hates school, though, and decides not to join the program and instead will move to New York to get an internship.  (Jordan gone for good?  WHOOOOOOOO!)  Although, she and Rusty say they will stay together (long distance relationships are so totally possible blah blah blah…heh.  Irony abounds, right?)  I hope she’s gone for good, cuz her fake tears in the last scene with Rusty were so awful.

Casey starts feeling an alum’s alleged grandson, Nate, (although his relationship to the grandmotherly woman was unclear)

Douchebag Alert!

Douchebag Alert!

and goes on a date with him.  He helps her land his boss’s check, but then tries to get Casey to give him a cut of the donation.  She’s appalled, but then Nate tells the woman that Casey threw herself at him to get the donation and the ZBZ house erupts with disgusted alums.  After a sisterly heart to heart (in the form of a pussy…er kitty… passing), the alums remember their good times at ZBZ, and give lots of money to support the chapter.  Cappie and Evan join forces (and are officially competing over Casey, methinks–I’ll be president of Team Evan!) and tell Nate off.  They have a much better douchedar (like gaydar but potentially more useful for college women) than Casey does it seems.

Rebecca and Ashleigh have a heart to heart, and Rebecca admits that she was just drunk, lonely, and unhappy when she kissed Fischer.  Here’s to hoping she finds some happiness at CRU.  Ashleigh and Rebecca seem to be on solid ground again.  (I think Becks should get back together with Cappie so Casey and Evan can be together!)


One Response to ““Lost and Founders”: Greek (S3: E6)”

  1. erica said

    I totally with you : i love Evan and Casey !
    But i flove Evan and Cappie and i like a lot Casey and Cappie.
    Actually these three characters are awesome together (they are the best part on this show with Dale for me !!).
    I suggest a “ménage à trois” but unfortunately it’s ABC family not HBO…sigh…
    A futur with Evan and Casey on one hand and Cappie and Rebecca on the other hand will work very well for me..but if i am realistic i know Cappie and Cappie are the rootable/most popular couple..other sigh..

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