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Dinner Party: Top Chef (S6: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 7, 2009

First off, what was Padma wearing during the quickfire challenge?  She looked like Gumby in that green bodysuit.  (And I’m not buying that it’s maternity.  This was filmed awhile ago, so she probably wasn’t pregnant yet.)  For the quickfire challenge, the cheftestants pulled a slot machine to get some adjectives, ingredients, and a region to inspire their dishes.  Robin was in the bottom for a dish the guest judge described as “elementary.”  (Also she made curry for a Middle Eastern prompt, and as Padma pointed out, curry isn’t so Middle Eastern.)  Jen was also in the bottom for the first time.  (I hope it’s the fact that she was really sick.)  Mike Isabella, Kevin, and Mike V. were in the top.  Kevin took the win, despite never having cooked Asian food before.  He got the choice of taking immunity or $15,000.  WHAT A CHOICE!  He picked the money, feeling confident in his culinary skills.  Definitely the right decision.  He’s clearly among the most talented chefs.

Padma sends the chefs home for a home cooked meal.  Upon their arrival, they figure out they’ll be cooking the dinner in pairs for famous chefs.  Robin and Mike I. are paired up, and I KNOW that’s going to be an awful team.  To make matters worse, they’re assigned to work with Asian ingredients, with which Mike has no experience.  Tom noted the irony that Mike was calling all the shots despite Robin being the chef with experience working with those flavors.  Jen and Kevin were a promising team.  (It’s almost unfair, really, to pair them up.)  Also, because the chefs are cooking in their apartment, they don’t have a lot of room to cook.  So many patronizing comments from the Top Top Chefs!  (Mike I: Robin knows I’m a better chef than she is.  Mike V: Ash will be a great chef someday.)  They’ve clearly figured out who the key players are.  Mike V. blew a fuse in the house, which ruined his fish, and he was convinced he was going home.

The best dishes of the evening went to Kevin and Jen (no surprise there) and Laurine and Brian.  Jennifer took the win for their team.  (Whew, back on top for!)  She also won a $10,000 giftcard from Macy’s.  DROOOOOOOOOOL.  This was her first elim challenge win.  In the bottom were Michael V., Ash, Eli, and Ashley.  Ash admitted to the judges that he basically washed dishes, which led them to question his ambition.  Ashley served (salty) gnocchi outside in Vegas in the summer.  Michael’s fish was overcooked.

Turns out the biggest sin in the Sin City was to serve the salty gnocchi in the summer so Ashley was sent home.  (WHOOOOOO!  Another one of the mediocre women bites the bullet!)

Next to go?  Robin.  At the risk of being a broken record, why is she even still here?


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