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Off to Oktoberfest: Project Runway (S6: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 8, 2009

Didn’t see this one coming.  And what a challenge.  An overall great episode if you didn’t get the chance to watch.  Check this

Tim Gunn consults with last week's winners

Tim Gunn consults with last week's winners

one out.

The designers got new models!  Recently divorced women brought in their wedding dresses to be made into hip new clothes.  (Boy, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Tim Gunn say, “Designers, I’m sending in your divorcees.”)  Many designers didn’t understand that the point of the challenge was to make the old dress a key part of the new look.  And there was a lot of uuuuuuugly going down the runway this week.  Shirin got a divorcee that wanted her to make a Cher costume, and several designers had divorcees that wanted pants made out of their wedding dress.  There’s a challenge.

Against the odds, Shirin created a really cute, flirty dress for her divorcee.  Irina and Gordana also embraced the challenge and  managed to make really chic outfits.  Gordana was crowned the winner and got awarded the last immunity of the season.  That puts her quite far into the competition, which I was not expecting.  I also didn’t expect Irina to get as far as she had.  I clearly underestimated her talent.  The bottom designers brought a whole lot of ugly to the runway.  Logan made a pantsuit with a frilly blouse that Heidi said looked like belonged at Oktoberfest.  I haven’t seen such awful construction in a long time.  He

Back on the runway next week!

Back on the runway next week!

really screwed this one up.  (My money was on him for elimination.  Has he given the judges a good reason to keep him around?)  Epperson created a flowy dress that also looked like it was bound for Oktoberfest (or one judge said it reeked of “pirate’s serving wench”).  Christopher sent a metallic organza disaster that looked like a Hershey’s kiss down the runway.

I was really convinced Logan was going home, but the judges sent Epperson home.  Very sad.  He always reminded me of one of the jellyfish from Shark Tale.  Logan really deserved to be sent home for an awful design and awful construction.  My money’s on the fact that the judges kept him around cuz he’s the hot straight guy.

Next week: Nina Garcia comes back!

Next week: It’s really hard to pick who will be sent home.  We’re far enough in the competition that all the designers are talented and one screw up could spell disaster.  I think Nicolas is next on the chopping block, though.


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