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“Breaking the News”: Brothers and Sisters (S4: E2)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 9, 2009

Workaholic or father of the year?

Workaholic or father of the year?

This is a tearjerker of an episode, so don’t watch it while mooching wireless in a coffee shop.  Unless you’re ok with crying in front of strangers.

Last episode, Kitty learned she was sick, and this episode, we learn she has lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes.  She struggles to tell Robert because he is caught up in a dirty political battle with the governor of California.  The governor found out Robert lied about his heart attack, and Robert has pictures of the governor having an affair.  They agree to keep it hush, but Robert’s heart attack is leaked, so Kevin goes behind Robert’s back to leak the affair.  Robert has just learned this when he comes home to a distraught Kitty.  She finds herself unable to tell him about the cancer, though.  When Kevin and Robert get into a shouting match over the leak, Kitty finally breaks down and yells at Kevin to leave.  She tells Robert.

Ojai is hemorrhaging money because of the economic downturn, so they have tons of grapes they can’t afford to age.  Rebecca is seeking more responsibility at Ojai, so she pitches a plan to get rid the excess stock, a plan that will be evaluated alongside Ryan’s plan.  (Ryan’s still on this show?  Really?  Annoying.)  Ryan’s plan loses to Rebecca’s (Ojai is gonna start making cheap wines!) and we see Ryan engage in some shady dealing with someone who allegedly knew William Walker.  Why is Ryan so annoying and stupid?  Sigh.

Kevin continues to pressure Scotty to adopt a baby, but he’s worried about Kevin’s workaholic tendencies.  Scotty has a natural way with babies, so Kevin may just get his way in the end.

After Kitty tells Robert about the cancer, he accompanies her to her doctor’s appointments.  He assures her that they are going to fight this and everything will be OK, but we see Kitty continue to waver about their relationship.  She’s worried that he won’t be there for her.  But now that he has been there for her, she’s worried he’s only there because she has cancer.  In fact, Robert tells her he loves her, and her reply is “I want to believe you.”

Nora is totally torn up about Kitty’s illness. As the house matriarch, she’s crumbling under the pressure of trying to keep everyone on the straight and narrow.  The Walkers have some tough times ahead, and I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.


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