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What Happens in Vegas: ANTM (S13: E6 )

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 9, 2009

The remaining models look super short at panel.  Cuz they are.

The remaining models look super short at panel. Cuz they are.

The petite model wannabes met with Benny Ninja to learn to dance because it would allegedly help them with their modeling (and yet, don’t the judges always say the girls who dance are too deliberate and not natural enough?)  Ashley was all happy because she’s a dancer and thought she would rock it (which of course means she wasn’t going to).  Lil Mama joined the ladies to help them learn to break it down.  The girls were in groups for a challenge and had choreograph a dance that portrayed emotions.  Ashley whined because she had Nicole and Erin on her team and they are NOT coordinated (waaa waaa).  I will say, the dances were not nearly as horrible as I thought they would be (except for Ashley’s group, which was waaaay worse).  Jennifer, Rae, and Kara won the challenge and $17,000 worth of jewelry.  So maybe they’ll look a little less trashy.

For their photo shoot challenge, the girls hopped a plane to Vegas.  (Just what Vegas needs.  A bunch of crazy fake models.)  Their photo shoot was themed Cirque du Soleil.  Again, the girls were in groups of three for their shots.  (Kind of boring.  There was a lot of potential in a Cirque du Soleil photo shoot and they just had them pose in clouds with dancers in fringy flapper costumes?  Lame.)  Jennifer really sucked.  Nicole was mediocre at best (you’d think cloudy scenes would resonate with her hippy pot-smoking persona).  Anyone else think Ashley is just kind of ugly?  She fell flat again.  As did Kara.  Pretty but boring.

Brittany, Rae, and Jennifer:

America's Next Top Model

Rae definitely overshadowed them all, and Jennifer totally ruined the picture.

Laura, Ashley, and Cara:

America's Next Top Model

Ashley definitely looks asleep.  Or like she’s checking out boys at the mall.

Erin, Sundai, and Nicole:

America's Next Top Model

Nicole brought the shoot down, and Sundai rocked it.  But is Sundai a model?  Or just a cute girl who can’t dress herself to save her life?  (See above picture of what she wore to judging.  Ugh.)

Brittany, Rae, and Jennifer won for best picture, effectively saving Jennifer’s butt from elimination.  Kara and Ashley were in the bottom two.  Can we just give up on Ashley already?  Tyra’s hanging onto her because she discovered her on the set of her talk show.  But she is NOT a model.  Let her go, Tyra, let her go.  AND SHE DOES!  Kara gets to stay and Ashley goes home.  About time.  But Kara needs to learn to work what her Mama gave her.  So says Tyra anyway.  I actually think Kara is one of the prettier girls in the competition, but Tyra was right, her film was pretty bad.

One final note: Anyone else think the auto tune “top modeeeeeel” music they play as the eliminated girls pack up is just awful?  Namely cuz the girls who are going home are not top models.  And if you’re going to auto tune anything, make it the news.

Next to go? Jennifer.  Hate to say it cuz I liked her at the beginning, but her film was awful this week.  Crazy eye doesn’t help the matter either.


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