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“Robin 101”: How I Met Your Mother (S5: E3)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 10, 2009

No Stripper Lily in this episode.  Still waiting on the rest of the doppelgangers to show up.

No Stripper Lily in this episode. Still waiting on the rest of the doppelgangers to show up.

Plot Summary: Robin thinks Barney is cheating on her, but he’s really been taking a class at night on how to date her taught by Professor Ted Mosby.  She finds Barney’s notebook with notes from the class, and shows up to berate them both.  She’s angry, but they get over it, and Barney admits that he’s just scared she’s gonna dump him, so he wanted to learn to be a good boyfriend. Marshall tries to get rid of his old nightstand, Mabel the barrel.  No luck.

What we learn about the mother: Absolutely nothing.  That didn’t stop this from being an AWESOME episode though.  We do learn from wise Professor Mosby that when you date someone you learn a lot about them.  When you break up with them, this info becomes useless.  Like an English degree.  (Whew.  I’m safe.)

Best moment: Barney is restless on the first day of class.  He interrupts Ted‘s lecture to ask: Can we draw boobs on the chalkboard.  Ted: We did that already.  Barney: But…really big ones.  Barney takes out his Blackberry and Ted gets mad.  Barney: I’m tweeting about you.  How do you spell blah, blah, blah…’h’ at the end or no?  Can we have class outside?  <pause> Can we have class outside?

Top 3 Quotes/Moments

1) When Robin sees Barney and Ted talking about the bar about the class they’re about to start, she asks them what they’re talking about.  They reply in unison: Fantasy Football.

2) Ted tells Barney that Robin didn’t get enough affection from her father growing up.  In fact, she would love to hear him say 6 words: Robin, I’m proud of you, eh?  (I’m always for jokes that make fun of Robin being Canadian.)

3) By the last class meeting, Ted‘s Robin 101 course has an auditor, Shin Ya.  Yay for random Asian dudes.


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