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“Almost Normal”: Brothers and Sisters (S4: E3)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 11, 2009

Working on their marriage

Working on their marriage

“Cancer isn’t like a magical reset button for our marriage.”  –Robert

Kitty learns her lymphoma has spread to stage 3.   She has a choice to make as far as how she wants to be treated–with a clinical trial in Boston or chemo in Cali.  She finds herself unable to concentrate on the research, and turns instead to helping Rebecca pick out a wedding dress.  Robert is treating her illness like a political problem to beat.  Nora and Robert disagree on the best treatment option, and get into an argument as to where she should go for treatment.

Kevin learns of Kitty’s cancer through the campaign manager of the CA Governor.  He confronts her and finds out that it’s actually true.  She decides to announce it to the whole family at one of those Walker family dinners.  Robert and Nora blow up over the treatment options and suck the whole family in, leaving Kitty alone in the dining room.  A Walker family dinner end badly?  Didn’t see that coming!  Robert and Nora come to an understanding, though, that Kitty needs them both.  They decide to both support her decision no matter what it is.  (It was a really touching conversation.  Does Robert really love Kitty?  Has he changed his ways and will he put family first?  It really looks like it, but I’m a skeptic.)

Scotty decides he’s ready to adopt a baby.  He acknowledges it isn’t the right time, but Kevin is stuck on Kitty, so now he isn’t ready.  My how the tables have turned.

Rebecca decides she doesn’t want to get married because Kitty is sick.  She wants a celebration, and the time isn’t right, so the wedding is officially postponed.  (Here’s to hoping it ends up canceled for good…)

Justin gets an annoying, 16 year old lab partner for his gross anatomy lab.  He’s clearly panicking.  When it comes time for cadavers, the lab partner freaks, and Justin has to talk him back into the room because both their grades depend on it.  Again, how the tables have turned.  Maybe Justin will make a good doctor.

The shady businessman (Dennis York) seen with Ryan last episode shows up at a wine tasting, and Sal calls him an old business partner.  He outbids them on their bid for some cheap wine to mix with the Ojai grapes.  Something’s gonna go down at Ojai.  And soon.

Kitty decides to stay in California for her treatments and tells Robert she thinks they should live at Nora’s while she’s getting chemo.  He tells her he wants to make sure that they’re still working on their marriage even with the illness.  (A line he stole from Nora, methinks.)  Kitty vehemently doesn’t want the cancer to define her, and she tries to convince Justecca to reschedule the wedding so she has something to look forward to.  They agree and Rebecca asks Kitty to be the Matron of Honor.  An impromptu family dinner happens, this time with much better results.  Sarah returns from Paris.  (And next episode we learn what went down while she was there.)  The Walker family seems to be pulling together.


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