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“137 Sekunden” (FlashForward – S1:E3)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on October 13, 2009

“The world’s changed. Some of us…all of us…are making decisions based on what will happen not what could. Makes us do things we wouldn’t normally do.” – Wedeck

When watching FlashForward, I feel like I’m taking notes in class. Constantly writing down what the teacher says but not really absorbing it. Consequentially, I pause it a lot and end up taking an extra 20 minutes to watch. But, I like that. That’s my type of show. I’d prefer a little better storytelling, but it’s good enough for now.

I am having trouble with the writing. Using Britney Spears as a punchline solely to illicit a laugh is cheap and lazy. The dialogue is rushed, with characters not even pausing to think of what to say next. And there are certain questions that should be immediately asked by any logical agent. For instance, no one considered that Rudolf Geyer might have information about the blackouts because he’s involved with them? And once he’s freed, he’ll be able to act on them? Never even considered? Again, convenient omissions for lazy storytelling.

Or how about an elaborate plan to set this in motion. Someone told Geyer the name of a customs agent (or applicant, to make it more believable), then he just recreates what he said happens so that Murphy sees it too. We’re playing with the space-time continuum, now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they go down that road of manipulating your own visions.

Of course, Mark is a bad FBI agent. Why would he divulge all sorts of information to a civilian, even if he is his best friend? It seemed odd. And just because Aaron pointed it out doesn’t give the writers a reprieve.

Could Demetri’s fiancee and Lloyd’s dead wife be connected? It seems odd that they both would have been in Seattle during the blackouts. Why not pick another city for one of them if they’re not connected?

Speaking of Zoe, how do we know when someone’s telling the truth? If we see a vision, is that actually what they saw? The writers haven’t made that clear to us, which will make me very upset if they break that unspoken pact. We need to be able to trust something. Perhaps the visions are faulty, not lies. The wedding scene seemed too pristine. Almost fake. Also, we never saw Zoe seeing Demetri, so maybe she’s just imagining him there. She expects to see him so she convinces herself she did.

I do like the overlying theme of this show. Would you be able to even do the little things in your day to day life without considering the ramifications on the future? Would you be bound to these visions? But I HATE the weekly summaries of what people must be feeling, how the world has changed. Banging us over the head with these themes. They do make nice quotations, though, for the beginning of the post.

For the recap of information, I use “seems” a lot. That means we don’t have vision or fact confirmation. Just what people think or see. “Is” is different.

What We Learned (in the order we learned it):

  • Demetri’s death on March 15 was a murder, but the woman who calls him doesn’t know who did it. All she knows is he was shot 3 times in the chest.
  • Rudolf Geyer (the Nazi prisoner) mentions Mark by name, based on his vision
  • Aaron’s ex-wife saw her normal life working in her bar
  • Demetri’s fiancee saw her wedding on a beach. She says she saw Demetri there.
  • Agent Wedeck’s wife saw her college age son’s room, cleared of his stuff, and in its place a boy about 8 years old, who called her mom. She never saw him before.
  • Agent Hawk might be gay. Which makes her pregnancy flashforward more interesting.
  • Geyer believes the 137 seconds is arrived at by taking the word Kaballah (meaning everything has other meaning), spelling it in Hebrew, assigning each letter a number, and adding them together. Yep. That much of a stretch.
  • In Geyer’s vision, he was returning to America. His papers were being checked by an airport customs employee, Jerome Murphy, and he said his freedom was secured by a murder.
  • Murphy saw the same thing
  • When Geyer woke up, he saw Munich burning and dead crows all around. The crows seems to be the key, not the 137 sekunden. That’s all he knows. (wouldn’t there be dead birds elsewhere…why go to Munich for this connection?)
  • A testing of Aaron’s daughter’s remains apparently showed a match to the military’s records. So how does his flashforward make sense?
  • The little boy in Wedeck’s wife’s vision seems to be the son of a fallen agent. He’s at their memorial service…with a woman who seems to be his mother.
  • There were other crow deaths on the day of the blackout all over the world. Massive drop in population (but not all). Other crow populations drops happened in Somalia in 1991, when people in that region suffered widespread losses of consciousness.
  • In Somalia (via flashback), there was a huge monolith when it happened…making this seem like it’s crossed into the extra-terrestrial.

Things from the FlashFoBoard:

  • “137 Sekunden” is 137 seconds in German and refers to the length of the blackout
  • The picture above “137 Sekunden” is of Rudolf Geyer, a German prisoner who claims to know why the blackouts lasted that long

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