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Three college friends out in the world, filling the void with television…and loving it.

“Come Fly With Me” (Modern Family – S1:E3)

Posted by Mr. Feeny on October 13, 2009

Plot Summary: This one’s mostly about bonding with different family members. Phil with Jay, who doesn’t seem to like Phil at all. Claire with Manny, who are technically step-siblings. And Alex with Gloria, who’s technically her step-grandmother.

Great Moment: When Mitchell and Cameron are recapping how they met, they talk about their first game of charades. With just a single hand motion (piano playing), Cameron guessed “Casablanca” without missing a beat. And they keep reliving it. This hits home for me because I constantly recap great moments in my game playing career. They’re like my own Web Gems.

Top 3 Jokes/Gags:

  1. Mitchell: (upon discovering the joys of Costco) “Oh my God. Look at these diapers. Look how cheap they are. (gasp) You know what we should do? We should get enough for the next year or two, right?”  Cameron: “Where would we keep them?” Mitchell: (thinking) “They sell sheds.” Cameron: “Really. You want to buy a diaper shed. We’re those guys now? The guys with the diaper shed?” Mitchell: (with two huge boxes) “Just grab two more.”
  2. Phil (watching a baseball game with his daughter’s boyfriend): “So, that guy is the tying run. Interesting story about him. He’s been stuck on second base forever and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna try to steal third, which is just a terrible, terrible idea. How are you and Haley doing?”
  3. Claire: “You can borrow a dress of Haley’s again.” Alex: “No. That sends an ugly message…that I’m Haley.”

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