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“The Dork Knight”: Greek (S3: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 13, 2009

Headed to Comic Con to pick up chics

Headed to Comic Con to pick up chics

“Do you even take classes here anymore?”  –Ashleigh to Casey (good question, Ash)

“Jordan just told me to get a life in front of 300 people who live in their parents’ basements.”  –Rusty

I have to hand it to the Greek producers for coming up with clever episode titles.  Makes my job so much easier.  Anyway, a lot happened in this episode, so bear with what will undoubtedly be a long recap.  I will say it was not one of my favorite episodes, even though some issues were resolved.

After Jordan bailed on CRU and moved to New York, she and Rusty called off their relationship.  (Seems the only place long distance relationships DON’T work is on TV.  They’re a fact of life for a lot of people.  Of course watching their skype conversations would be super lame and make for terrible TV.)  Rusty and Jordan catch up online, and Rusty misses her, so he wants to move on.  He, Dale, and Calvin head to Comic Con to meet some chics (in a place where Rusty might have a chance of actually scoring some).  Also, Dale has been chatting online with this hottie, and he’s going to meet her at the convention.  Dale’s online babe turns out to be Shelia the landlady.  Rusty decides he really wants Jordan back, so he attempts to videochat her from the convention (screwing up the convention’s video chat with Q from Star Trek).  She assures him long distance relationships are lame, and he heads home dejected.  In an emotional (heh) last scene, Rusty changes his facebook relationship status to single.  Dale decides he misses God, so he decides not to pursue sex with Shelia and returns to his old ways.

She doesn't want to date Rusty either

She doesn't want to date Rusty either

Casey is paranoid about Evan and Cappie appearing to be friends again, so she follows them to figure out what they’re up to.  They figure out she’s following them and because what they’re doing relates to the secret society they’re both in, they stage a huge KT-Omega Chi brawl to throw her off their trail.  She’s a good (if annoying and creepy) sleuth and finds her way to the Amphora society meeting.  The group is shocked she finds them, so they vote to let her in.  She then has to purge her soul, just like Cappie and Evan had to in order to join the group.  She tells them she just wants to go back to freshman year when the three of them were all friends.  (She also tells this to Ash, who replies that freshman year was ages ago, when Uggs were still in style.  Someone tell that to the UW undergrads plz.)  She also tells them that she knows Evan talked to Cappie to stop him from coming after her during the End of the World party.  This raises some hackles, but they seem to get over it, and vow to try to move forward together.  She decides, however, that she does not want to infringe on their turf so she opts out of the society.  Some glances are exchanged between Cappie and Casey across the table, so I think this isn’t over.  It will neeeeeeeeever be over.  Groan.

Fischer and Ash struggle to pick their relationship up from where it left off.  He feels like he has to walk on eggshells because he cheated, so he becomes pathetic and rolls over to accommodate whatever she wants.  They seem to be back on track, though, when he finally says tells her that “she can’t cook, leg warmers aren’t gloves, and Clueless was a bad movie.”  You tell her, Fischer.  (Especially about the leg warmers thing.)

I’m glad to have Dale back, but I’m getting really sick of this Casey-Cappie-Evan thing.  They need to figure this out.  The paranoia and sleuthing made Casey just annoying and petty.  Either decide they’re going to be friends, or decide that Casey and Cappie (or Evan?  Please Evan?) are going to date.  Which will screw up the friendship, but this plot needs to move forward.  Here’s to hoping it will soon.


2 Responses to ““The Dork Knight”: Greek (S3: E7)”

  1. julie said

    I totally disagree with you : Cappie/Casey/Evan is the highlight on this show. And i love them together, i mean the THREE !! Na ! lol
    Oh i love Dale of course !!

    • CJ Cregg said

      I don’t disagree with the fact that Cappie/Casey/Evan are a great threesome. I just think the show needs to decide where they want to go with it. I think keeping them as a threesome would be great, but they’re clearly still deciding whether or not they want to bring Cappie and Casey together. They need to MAKE A DECISION and develop that plot instead of continuing to waffle about it.

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