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Pairs, Pigs, and Pinot: Top Chef (S6: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 14, 2009

Pour the Pinot

Pour the Pinot

And Oxford commas.  Heh.


Now that I’ve got that off my chest, the cheftestants’ quickfire was to pair a snack food with a meal.  (Alexia’s Snacks…how much money do you think they gave to Bravo?  Talk about product placement.  Have to admit though that the onion snacks looked pretty good…)  Jen’s porkchops were overdone.  Robin’s dish had a gross texture, and Ash didn’t succeed in his pairing.  Eli aka creepy parents’ basement dweller got the top dish this time.

Elimination challenge time!  The judges drew knives with pig parts, so clearly they’ll be working with pork.  I think that Kevin, who has a pig tattoo, has a pretty big advantage.  They have to pair their pig with a pinot noir for a charity event.  (Sidenote: three story wine cave with wine angels?  WANT.)  The judges get to pick which pinot they will pair with their pig.  Laurine is making a dish she’s never made before (has she ever seen this show?  does that EVER work?)

Eli and Robin have a blow up in the house that gets pretty intense.  Eli’s immature, but Robin is passive aggressive.  Lines of the night.  Eli: You’re not my mother.  Robin: I don’t want to be your mother.  If I was your mother I’d have raised you better.  Eeep.  Of course, he is immature.

As the chefs prepare their dishes, it’s clear to me that Ash doesn’t have the chutzpah to really be a top chef.  He lets Mike I. talk him into making a different dish.  He has some growing up to do to really come into his own as a chef.  The Brothers Voltaggio have a bit of a spat in the prep room.  Some manipulation is undertaken and swear words exchanged.

Robin’s dish was “slimy” according to the judges.  I think I know who’s packing their knives this week.

Jen, Bryan, Kevin, and Michael V. were in the top for their expert pairings and execution of pork dishes.  Kevin wins!  The pig tattoo must be good pork-cooking luck.  Ash, Laurine, and Robin landed at the bottom.  Ash failed to pair a flavorful dish with a full wine.  Of course, he let Mike talk him out of a good dish so it’s his own fault.  Laurine improperly executed her dish as well.  After the judging panel, I’m willing to bet it’ll be Laurine and not Robin heading home.  [Insert shot of one of the Voltaggios eating Alexia’s snacks.]

And I’m wrong.  Ash gets the axe tonight.  Robin and Laurine in all their mediocre glories get to stay.  His response to being eliminated?  “Ooops.”  (Does he have emotions?)

Next week?  RESTAURANT WARS!  Get stoked!  (And the preview shows Robin flipping out over a dessert.  Might it finally be time for her to meet her end?)


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